Whole Foods top list of Functional Foods

Functional Foods are defined as foods that, in addition to nutrition, offer distinct health benefits. The term usually brings to mind "added" features, such as enrichment with probiotics, omega-3's, or other components that are added through processing. ...more

I wouldn't consider homemade yogurt to be processed.  The yogurt in question is that which is ...more

Concerned about Food Safety Bill HR 875?

Like many of my colleagues, I've been swamped by forwarded e-mails about the pending "Food Safety" legislation, HR 875.  Most, if not all, of the e-mails tell me that this will be the end of my direct-to-consumer marketing, farmer's markets, organic gardening and so on; such as "... if NAIS and 875 both pass, we will all be forced to eat ONLY imported foods or that processed by big corporations" ...more

Consumers unsure about new food technologies

blank_page I recently read a new report on consumer's attitudes about food technologies.  The report was done by the Food Standards Agency (an independent UK Government department aiming to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food). "Overall, the public was found to be wary, uneasy and uncertain about emerging food technologies. Having saidthis, emerging food technologies tend not to be top-of-mind concerns" ...more

Video on Myths and Facts about Processed Meat

The American Meat Institute (AMI) has released a YouTube Video which seeks to counter some of the recent press about health risks from eating processed meats.   I admit I am a big fan of bacon.  In fact, I have read in several places that bacon is the single most frequent food that lures people out of vegetarianism. ...more

The Value of Chores for Kids

Amanda, over at Beef Daily Blog, is hosting a discussion about ranch chores, which got me thinking about my own chore philosophy. I can't say I was a big fan of chores as a child.  Now that I'm a Mom, I have come to the conclusion that a good chunk of what's wrong with our society, our economy and our food/health status could be fixed if all children grew up doing chores. ...more

A glimpse at life on our ranch

I just started a new feature on my Down to Earth blog.  Each month I will chronicle a day at our ranch; the good, the bad and the ugly. We raise registered cattle and gourmet-quality pastured Angus beef in Central Texas.  ...more

I think the dedication is not much different than running any other self-owned business.  A ...more

Terrorist Attacks by Animal Extremists on the Rise

The Animal Ag Alliance just released an alarming report showing that extreme animal rights groups dramatically increased their attacks on the food chain in 2008.  Attacks on food retailers, such as Hardee's, McDonald's, Burger King and KFC increased by triple digits. ...more

Getting Started Going Local

If you've been thinking about jumping on the local bandwagon, the latest Local Harvest newsletter had some good pointers: ...more

Vilsak Establishes People's Garden Project

In case you haven't heard, the new Secretary of Agriculture has struck a blow for bringing production back to the people.  On the bicentennial of Lincoln's birthday, Vilsak literally broke ground at the USDA's headquarters, declaring a patch of pavement to be returned back to green. ...more

Britain's view of the 50 Greatest Food Blogs

One of the advantages of having a "foreign" husband (mine if from Australia) is that through him, I see a lot more of the news from the rest of the world's perspective. The Times (a British newspaper) posted their list of the 50 Greatest Food Blogs.  I am already a follower of Serious Eats, but there were some other interesting ones, too. ...more