The Role of Leadership

Three things played a role in my decision to vote for Barack Obama: issues, values, and leadership. ...more

Spreading the Wealth

Who are we kidding; capitalism redistributes wealth as surely as socialism. Capitalism left unchecked redistributes wealth from the pockets of the poor and middle class to the pockets of the wealthy. Our economic system benefits the rich and penalizes the poor. It's expensive to be poor. The least the government can do is limit the plundering. If the government can also ease the burden a bit, what's so wrong with that? Where do you think the poor and middle class spend their dollars? Paris? ...more

A Values Voter

I've always thought of myself as an issues voter. I don't have any one issue that determines how I vote; my vote is shaped by the constellation of issues I consider to be most important in a given election cycle. Or so I thought. It took this election year for me to realize that I'm a values voter. ...more

Where Has His Integrity Gone? The Third Presidential Debate

Tell me. Where is the real John McCain? I found this by far McCain's most disturbing performance in a debate. It was like he drank a potion that changed him from McCain to McNasty. Another chance to talk substance, and instead he spent most of his time either attempting to terraform Obama's plans to suit his own needs or else engaging in character assassination. When McCain won the Republican nomination, I never thought his campaign would look like this. The man I respected has disappeared. ...more

Vision vs. Retrospect--The Second Presidential Debate

I did not watch the debate live. I intended to catch CNN's replay at 5:00pm (+8 GMT) but it got preempted for not exactly breaking news. So there I was at midnight, brain starting to shut down, watching the debate. I can't claim to have caught everything, but there were some things that left a definite impression. And the longest lasting impression? Tones of voice. ...more

My Impressions (slightly delayed) of the Vice-Presidential Debate

What can I say, I love Joe Biden! I love him even when he sticks both feet in his mouth. But I wanted him to do well in the debate. What I did not want was for ...more

 I question whether she talks that way at home! I'm from Montana, and the only time you hear ...more


I'm not sure who frustrates me more; Pelosi and her poorly timed comments about the Bush Administration, the Republicans who try and claim this was sufficient cause to vote against the bill, or the constituents who refuse to see the interconnected nature of our economy. ...more

From Where I Sit: The First Presidential Debate

I went into this debate worried that my new found excitement for my chosen candidate would be dimmed. I was not worried about Obama's skill as a debater; he was by far the most eloquent candidate this year. No, my worry was that he would rely on rhetoric and Republican bashing when what I wanted to hear was concrete, proactive plans for my country's future. And while there was some of that, it did not form the core of what he had to say. ...more