Green Living Tip 1 {Recycle More}

Today’s green living tip is easy: recycle more. Don’t automatically toss trash into the garbage can. How to transition away from using the rubbish bin for everything? ...more

Green Living Tips for Earth Month

Remember last year when I said we really needed Earth year instead of just a day? Well, could you settle for a month? Welcome to Earth month! ...more

Liquid Dish Soap to Use and Why

Remember when we began switching our cleaning and laundry detergents? We’ve gone from all of our cleaning and laundry supplies from the standard cleaning aisle, advertised on TV, and least expensive to only a handful of store bought products that are made by a few companies. The liquid dish soap was the last switch - yes, it’s taken a couple of years! ...more

Making Time for What Matters

Remember how my nickname around here is “Internet Girl” – yes, a reputation I’ve earned. Lately though, I’m feeling more like a walking contradiction than an “Internet Girl.” Here’s why: I want to be unplugged more and away from my computer and smart phone. Why? ...more

How to Sleep Around Europe on a Budget

Traveling to Europe is expensive – the airfare, hotels, rental car, meals out – but it doesn’t have to cost as much if you know how to sleep around Europe on a budget. Skipping the traditional hotel route also gives travelers options to shop at local markets, cook, and experience life as a local – which makes the experience richer. And really, isn’t that what travel is all about? ...more

WordPress Press Publish Conference Ticket Giveaway

If you live in Portland and have a blog or website that uses WordPress (like me!) then this giveaway is for you! WordPress is hosting a one-day conference in Portland on Saturday, March 28th, 2015 from 8:50am until 5:00pm. They’ve got a packed agenda with something for everyone ....more

Behind the Scenes at the Mill and Orca Heritage Bean Salad

This is behind the scenes at the mill but not just any mill – it’s Bob’s Red Mill! And, yes, there really is a Bob. He couldn’t be any nicer and Bob, along with his wife, started Bob’s Red Mill when they retired years ago ....more

Save Money on Airfare with 5 Easy Tips

With the spring and summer travel season fast approaching, it’s time to think about booking airline tickets. Air travel is expensive – especially for families when you have to purchase more than one or two tickets. Here are 5 tips for saving money on airfare – saving more money for traveling again ....more

Easiest Ever Homemade Cocktail Sauce

Ever run out of something and had to improvise only to learn what you made tastes better than store bought? That happened to us recently. Getting ready for an evening with friends, we needed cocktail sauce for our avocado and lobster appetizer dish ....more

How to Shop for Health at the Grocery Store

There are so many ‘foods’ for sale at the typical grocery store. Lots of this ‘food’ comes in boxes or cans but is it real food or is it fake food? Is this food from a box really good for our bodies? ...more