Harry and David Pear Giveaway

How about one more giveaway to celebrate the Four-Year Blog Anniversary of Go Gingham? How about a box Harry and David pears? Harry and David is famous for their Royal Riviera® Pears and the winner of this giveaway will receive one box of beautiful pears ....more

Home Organization Project 46

It’s not really fair to blame this week’s home organization project on a jar of homemade jam, but I’m going to do it anyway. It all began this summer when we made jam – and for once we canned it instead of making freezer jam. We needed jam (kids and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches go together, don’t they?) and I couldn’t take paying the prices for jams/preserves made with only fruit and sugar – becasue I refuse to buy fake sweeteners and especially high fructose corn syrup ....more

Le Creuset and Bonne Maman Giveaway

Let’s get this Four-Year Blog Anniversary Party started, shall we? ...more

Happy Four Year Anniversary Plus a Reader Survey

Where does the time go? It’s been four years since I first pushed the “publish button” here at Go Gingham! Four years plus one month – I’m actually not sure where the month of October went – but we’ll celebrate now ....more

Home Organization Project 45

Hello home organization weekly project #45. You’re even dustier than last week’s kitchen cabinet clean out. While I’m calling this week’s project ‘home entertainment,’ this is straight out of the ’80s and ’90s ....more

Home Organization Project 44

This is week #44 of our ongoing home organization project. This crazy weekly clean-out was our New Year’s Resolution for the year. My plan was to do several projects ahead of time and then write about them ....more

Home Organization Project 43

Is it Friday again? Must be time for another home organization project! This is week #43 of our year-long clear out stuff and own less project – which was our New Year’s Resolution for this year ....more

Say Hello to My Newest DIY Project

There are two things I love: camping and DIY projects. The part I didn’t like about camping was sleeping on the ground. With this DIY project, I’m done sleeping on the ground ....more

Home Organization Project 42

“Can’t we just write about cleaning out my closet and not actually do it?” Well, no, we can’t. The poor thing. He put off this week’s home organization project until this afternoon and when he asked if I wanted wine and cheese, I said, “Only if you’re still going to do your closet with me.” “What? ...more

Green and Clean Glass and Shiny Surface Cleaner

Now that you know what I use for green and clean all purpose cleaning and why we’re letting fewer chemicals into our home, let’s get a shine on with this green ‘cleaner’ – which is probably in your pantry already. You simply won’t believe how easy this is! As consumers, we’re told by companies that ‘green’ and ‘natural’ and ‘household’ and ‘anti-bacterial’ cleaners are what we need ....more