Pasture to Plate and Fresh Tomato Salsa

It’s not often that I get the opportunity to share with you about a company that cares about its customers, their employees, the environment, and is right in my hometown. So, when Pacific Foods invited me to their Pasture to Plate, I said yes immediately. Since 1997, Pacific Foods, which is based in Tualatin, Oregon, has been focused on organic, natural, and non-gmo foods ....more

How to Save Money Wisely

Saving money wisely is not rocket science. It’s smart and wise but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s not – otherwise everyone would be doing it ....more

How to Green Up Your Entertaining

Throw fabulous dinner parties without throwing anything away with these 6 tips for greening up your entertaining. They’re easy to implement and the result will leave you ready to entertain – and then entertain again. Everything is reusable so get out your social schedule and start planning when you’ll have guests over ....more

Costa Rica Travel: Creatures

While we traveled to Costa Rica last year, I wanted to share these creatures with you. It was a trip unlike any other mostly because of the creatures we encountered. It is riddled with wildlife! ...more

Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

I know coconut is all the rage right now but my daughter was ahead of the curve on it. She’s always loved coconut – and she’s had me baking coconut cake for her birthdays and granola with coconut. Why is she into coconut? ...more

How to Re-Make Sweat Pants

Remember my closet clean out from our year of home organization? Well, I had several pairs of old sweat pants. Remember when we just called them sweat pants? ...more

Hello Site Re-Do

Well, it’s finally done – Go Gingham’s site re-do. Our IT department has been hard at work the last few months and they’re still working through some kinks so if you find a broken link or something doesn’t load properly, please let our web developer me know. Why re-do Go Gingham? ...more

Craftsman Rocker Re-Do

You know I love chairs, right? If you don’t know that about me, read up. After getting rid of a lot of chairs, I had to keep this one ....more

Cheddar Curry Cheese Spread

Oh, this cheddar curry cheese spread is a dip that is too good. I hadn’t made it in years but when my kids started asking about it, I thought it was time to trot it back out. It’s bold and flavorful – and the color makes it a nice addition to any appetizer spread ....more

Our Year Long Home Organization Project and Having Less Stuff

The results are in from last year’s home organization project and our goal to have less stuff. The verdict? I’m thrilled ....more