Summer Entertaining Goes Green

I love summer. Picking fresh vegetables and cooking straight from the garden. Having informal get togethers with friends in the backyard ....more

How to Freeze Fresh Herbs

While I like fresh herbs to last, in hot weather they can wilt before using them. Store bought frozen or freeze dried herbs are nice but there’s all that packaging and expense. Wasting food is a waste of resources ....more

Quickest Ever Cucumber Salad

I like simple salads in the summer, don’t you? This is the quickest ever cucumber salad and one of my favorite recipes because the cucumbers, dill, and tomatoes are straight out of my garden. What could be easier than picking, chopping, and tossing? ...more

Real Food Eating While on the Go

First stop in San Francisco – the grocery store! Eating real food while on vacation to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be tricky – especially if you’re on a road trip. Eating out for every meal can be expensive, too ....more

Greek Yogurt Dill Dip

Sometimes I think dips should be eaten with a spoon. Well, healthy dips like this Greek yogurt dill dip should be. It’s so easy to make, too ....more

Quinoa Salad

While there’s always plenty of food to eat in our home, my kids seem to always be asking what’s to eat. What they are really asking is, “What can I eat right now because I’m starving and I just walked in the door and I don’t want to cook anything.” Yes, I can read minds. This quinoa salad is my answer to all of their questions – and their non-stop hunger ....more

How to Cook Padron Peppers

If you’ve never had a padron pepper, give this tasty little, green pepper a try. They’re at lots of farmers’ markets, pack tasty flavor, and are easy to cook. If you can cook them outside during the summer, even better ....more

Connect Locally with JustFreshy

When there’s a new way to share resources in our community, we embrace it. When we can participate in the “sharing economy” by trading our home or sharing seeds from our garden, we do it. Buying local when possible is another concept we embrace ....more

Use Fewer Chemicals in the Dishwasher

You know when you open your dishwasher after it’s run and it’s all steamy and smells like cleaner? What you smell are very strong chemicals. Sure the dishes are clean, but at what cost to our health? ...more

Home Organization Tips with List of Weekly Projects

Remember how we spent last year organizing our home and sorting through all of our closets and cupboards? We haven’t gone back to our old ways but it has been hard passing up free piles of junk on the street corner or estate sale treasurers. The house does have more breathing room and fewer piles weigh less on my mind ....more