Home Organization Project 41

This week’s home organization project – if you’re new – hello! – as part of this year’s New Year’s Resolution, each week, we’re cleaning and sorting out a different area of our house. This is week #41 of the year long project and it’s getting easier to get rid of stuff ....more

Recipe: Grits and Greens

Growing up, I never had grits for breakfast. Being a west coast girl, grits weren’t part of my repertoire. Oatmeal was our warm breakfast of choice ....more

Home Organization Project 40

Rita, who writes the blog “This Sorta Old Life,” came to my garage sale. I was wearing a hat. Now that we’re sliding into the last 12 weeks of this year’s New Year’s Resolution – which was clean out a different area of the house, get rid of stuff, and stop accumulating more stuff – or move from the home we’ve lived in for 19-years – it’s made think about the size of our home ....more

Green and Clean All Purpose Household Cleaner

Because we’ve decided to allow fewer chemicals into our home, it’s changed the way we do things. At first it was a hassle – having a new routine always is, isn’t it? Now, it’s how we live ....more

Home Organization Project 39

This week’s home organization project is actually a clean and sort out that takes place every October. I call it ‘National Match Up Day‘ and am trying to get it recognized by home cooks everywhere. We need a day to take stock of our food storage containers and sort through – broken lids, missing tops, and match them up ....more

Fabulous and Frugal Shoe Shopping

Image credit: Stuart Weitzman – coveting these shoes is acceptable. I love shoes and am always on the lookout for the next fabulous and stylish pair I can get my feet into. How does this frugal girl shop for shoes? ...more

Home Organization Project 38

My work overalls. They’re good when I’m holding chickens, too. What do you wear when you’re painting your house? ...more

Kitchen Tips: Hack Alert!

Grab a mug of something warm – this is a hacks alert! Kitchen tips for saving in the kitchen are my favorite. Follow these 7 tips for quick and easy hacks ....more

IFBC Conference Tips

The International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) begins today in Seattle, Washington. It’s an exciting event full of tasty food – of course! With food bloggers and food writers from across the country – as well as around the world – there are lots of attendees ....more

Home Organization Project 37

Whew! That’s all there is to say. Since we began this weekly home organization project – clean out and reduce the amount of stuff accumulating in our home or move – at the beginning of the year, we’ve been needing to tackle this room ....more