5 Things You Should Do Instead of Shopping on Thanksgiving

It’s too bad Thanksgiving has turned into such a shopping holiday. There aren’t special gifts for Thanksgiving or even particular candy with turkey wrappers made for it. It’s just a day for giving thanks – and eating really good food! ...more

7 Tips for Being the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Guest

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday to host – probably because it’s all about good food, family, and simple decorations. Even if we don’t host Thanksgiving dinner at our house, we still cook the entire dinner. The dinner is so good and the leftovers can’t be beat ....more

Favorite Appetizers for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about the dinner and we eat early in the day so I don’t plan a lunch. The problem is people get hungry and start coming into the kitchen asking when we’re eating. My solution? ...more

How to Make Bread Cubes for Thanksgiving Stuffing

Why I’ve never done this before is beyond me. Every Thanksgiving, we make my husband’s most amazing Thanksgiving stuffing recipe. It’s the best! ...more

Frugal and Fancy Halloween Decorations

Do you want your home to be festive and frightful for Halloween but don’t want to spend a fortune? Go frugal and fancy for Halloween with these six tips. They’re easy, inexpensive, and edible ....more

Happy Five Year Blog Anniversary Plus a Giveaway

Yes, I’m skipping about wearing gingham because this month marks five-years since I first pressed ‘publish’ and Go Gingham came to be! Wondering how five years have gone so quickly? Me, too! ...more

Nourishing Soup Makes a Meal

Today’s post is sponsored by Pacific Foods and their “Nourish Every Body” campaign to feed hungry kids. Thank you for supporting the occasional sponsored post that helps support this site and all of the gingham-ness you see here. Fall is soup season ....more

Vintage Travel Trailer Progress

I love camping but was tired of sleeping on the ground. My hunt for a travel trailer involved stalking some pretty trashed ones! Have you been wondering about the progress on my vintage travel trailer also known as my Scamper? ...more

Sustainability for the Wallet

Everyone is using the term ‘sustainability’ these days – heck, even I’m doing it! I’ve traded the word ‘frugal‘ for sustainability. Why? ...more

How to Remove a Hedge and Grow Food Instead

Remember when I shared with you 5 spots to start a garden? One of the spots was a hedge we removed. It was small and manageable and the results were so great, guess what? ...more