Vintage Travel Trailer Progress

I love camping but was tired of sleeping on the ground. My hunt for a travel trailer involved stalking some pretty trashed ones! Have you been wondering about the progress on my vintage travel trailer also known as my Scamper? ...more

Sustainability for the Wallet

Everyone is using the term ‘sustainability’ these days – heck, even I’m doing it! I’ve traded the word ‘frugal‘ for sustainability. Why? ...more

How to Remove a Hedge and Grow Food Instead

Remember when I shared with you 5 spots to start a garden? One of the spots was a hedge we removed. It was small and manageable and the results were so great, guess what? ...more

Easy Creative Cabbage Blends

Today’s post is sponsored by Earthbound Farm. Thank you for supporting the occasional sponsored post that helps support this site and all of the gingham-ness you see here. One of my favorite, and yet underrated, vegetables is cabbage ....more

6 Reasons Home Swapping is Sustainable

Traveling can generate a lot of trash. With carry out, to-go drinks, and meals, everything is throw-away. Home swapping is the most sustainable way to travel ....more

Got Cucumbers? Make Tzatziki

We are up to our elbows in cucumbers over here! Yes, they’ve been pickled, sliced, diced, shredded, and made into the tastiest ever summer soup – gazpacho. But this recipe for tzatziki is my favorite ....more

The Quilt Goes to College

Remember when I sewed a quilt for my son? Well, when it was finally finished I swore up and down that it wasn’t going off to college with him. I had worked too hard on it and it was too nice for college ....more

Harvesting and Preserving Tomatoes

I just washed my hands and the soapy water is completely green. That’s what happens after I’ve been picking tomatoes. The tomatoes we planted earlier this summer are coming in fast and furious.Usually, the tomatoes get oven roasted and made into sauce directly after picking ....more

Make at Home Mixed Nuts

Since I began reading the ingredients of everything we buy, it’s been a real hassle. Items that in the past I tossed into the grocery basket are now being left behind on the grocery store shelves. Why? ...more

Simple Living and Joyful Work

Consumer products, cleaning supplies, ready to eat processed food, household items, and ready to wear clothing – everything is done. All we have to do is buy these items with the money we’ve earned from working. But what if our work was growing and making these items? ...more