Home Organization Tips with List of Weekly Projects

Remember how we spent last year organizing our home and sorting through all of our closets and cupboards? We haven’t gone back to our old ways but it has been hard passing up free piles of junk on the street corner or estate sale treasurers. The house does have more breathing room and fewer piles weigh less on my mind ....more

A True Classic Spinach Salad

What’s the quickest way to get a family to eat a healthy, real food dinner? What about getting a family of four to eat an entire pound of fresh spinach? Make spinach salad of course! ...more

Dinner Group in Early Spring

Do you know what I love most about being in a dinner group? Getting together with friends regularly. Sometimes I feel like our social lives might get swallowed up by to-do lists or taken over by our kids’ activities – and then we’d never get a fun, casual night with friends ....more

Clean Eating and Clean Living: a Winning Combination

Have you ever done something because you thought it was good for you and then later realized there was an actual term for it? If you’re nodding yes – you know what I’m talking about. For me, it was understanding what the term ‘clean eating‘ meant ....more

Green Living Tip 30 {Share and Borrow Resources}

Home swapping is a great way to share resources – our homes! Today’s green living tip: share and borrow resources. Whether it’s utilizing the library, borrowing your neighbor’s power tool or passing on your previously read magazines, we should share and borrow resources more often ....more

Green Living Tip 29 {Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap}

Today’s green living tip: make your own liquid hand soap. This is surprisingly easy and it’s gentler on the environment – and your skin! Think about how many containers – pumpers, jugs, containers – of liquid hand soap, there are for sale ....more

Green Living Tip 28 {Bring a Bag Along}

Today’s green living tip: bring a bag along. Wherever you go, just have one handy – car, purse, backpack, or bicycle – and tucked away so that you can say “no thanks” when offered a plastic or paper bag at the store. Or be like my stylish sister-in-law who brings a basket with her when she shops ....more

Green Living Tip 27 {Eat Whole and Real Foods}

Today’s green living tip: eat whole and real foods – unprocessed – and it will be good for you and good for the environment. Mother Nature’s packaging is the best! Most whole foods – vegetables, fruit, fish, etc ....more

Green Living Tip 26 {Clean with Baking Soda}

Today’s green living tip: clean with baking soda. Baking soda can be used for everyday household cleaning and in the laundry. It can replace numerous harsher, chemical filled products and has much less packaging ....more

Green Living Tip 25 {ReUse for Home Renovations}

Today’s green living tip: reuse items for home renovations. Why buy new cabinets, doors, or doorknobs when there are plenty of those items around for use? Using old items, in place of new, adds character to a home – even if the home is new or parts of it are ....more