amerlia earhart doll

This is a fun project for anyone who has ever wanted to engage in some doll making, but without making the doll completely from scratch. For me the, the most fun part about making a doll is to create clothes and accessories that will make the doll unique. Making the body is not something I have proven to be that talented at ....more

Recycled May Flowers

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. Here in the Midwest we have some tulips in our yard, but the terrible winter has delayed a lot of our Spring flowers. You can make these flowers in a few moments and transform your paper scraps into an adorable bouquet to tide you over until your garden blooms ....more

Tiny British Phone Booth

Since we are often making things that reference our love of British culture (Sherlock Holmes pillows, a Ms. Marple room box, etc.) we decided that it was time to make a little phone booth. The phone booth is small enough so that it can rest on a desk top or be included in a railway scene or used for whatever you want! ...more

British Royal Guard Jumping Jack

They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace -Christopher Robin went down with Alice."Do you think the King knows all about me?""Sure to, dear, but it's time for tea,"...more

Easter Shadow Box

I bought my daughter the Melissa and Doug Pasture Pals toy many years ago. I still find the horses floating around the house on occasion but she never spent too much time playing with this toy. I have been looking at the box, which is wooden and has 12 compartments, thinking it would make a great shadow box ....more

Easy Nancy Drew Lampshade

I am still having fun with my cutting machine. Last week I made a Sherlock Holmes pillow using freezer paper. I had to follow up with my other favorite detective! ...more

Freezer Paper Silhouette Stencil

I recently bought myself a Silhouette Portrait machine. I am usually the last person to find out about anything cool and I think in this case I once again have missed years of fun I could have using this amazing electronic cutting machine. I thought it was for scrap booking and never really paid attention to the other things it is good for ....more

Little Fimo Chocolate Bunnies

Easter always brings to mind the images of chocolate bunnies! I have to admit, I rarely find any of the giant chocolate bunnies to taste very good, but I feel they need to be included every Easter for some strange reason....more

Fable of the Day Refrigerator Magnets

Do you like to regale the people in your life with useful advice? I do, whether they want to hear it or not! I love this project because it allows me to combine my love of Aesop's Fables with my interest in discussing morals and ethical dilemnas with my children ....more

Greek Goddess Paper Dolls

I just made my kids something I wish I had had as a young girl. Magnetic, Greek Goddess Paper Dolls. I am aware how nerdy this is ....more