Sunday Sunday Sunday

So here's what I'm thinking. I have the day off Sunday.I may take the day to organize my project space, take a few photos and post them.--SJ PS--This has been a really lame post....more

Recycled wardrobe

I hit a lull in my work and decided to make a post about my wardrobe.Since I now work at a job where we need to wear business casual clothing during business hours, and all I had were band tshirts and jeans, I turned to David's sister for help.Now, David's sister is an XL. I'm a S. This became interesting....more

Ugh, my FACE!

Yeah, I have adult acne. Well, more like teenager acne that never went away. I've tried just about everything--face masks, ProActiv, acne clearing makeup, changing my diet, etc etc. It's not as bad as it was in high school, but I still get break outs all over my chin. My mom says it's because sensitive skin runs in our family (she's in her mid-50s and still gets zits!).Any advice for what I can do to help clear up my skin? I'm sick of people asking how old I am and being shocked when I say I'm not 15.--Sarah Jean...more

Cupboard cake

Last night I was really craving chocolate cake. I had cake mix, frosting, oil and water (of course) but only two eggs. The recipe called for three.Instead of trying my luck with just two eggs, I searched online for other ways to make a cake without using eggs.I found a Yahoo! discussion on how to substitute not just the eggs, but the water and oil with pudding.Well, I had instant pudding in the cabinet (white chocolate flavor) and milk in the fridge, so I decided to give it a go....more
No problemo!more

We're livin' on a prayer

Well, dear (new!) friends, here's my first blog post on BlogHer. Thanks @lovemaegan for getting me interested!I find it funny that I'm writing a blog post about personal finance when I am the WORST person in the world to be writing about "how to save money." I mean, I've been getting personal loans for the last 8 months, and I seem to be having trouble paying them back....more
Just one tip...keep writing! (I enjoyed your post on the cake too)more