When the Death-by-Desk is particularly crazy-making...

When the Death-by-Desk is particularly crazy-making, process some photos. Taken with Hipstamatic, additionally processed in Lightroom. Framed and hung as a series of 5x5 prints.The Experimental Photo Lab...more

Favorite November Photos:

At the Experimental Photo Lab:  A short list of my favorite photos from November by other photographers. ...more

The Orton Effect

The Experimental Photo Lab...more
Very Pretty!more


The Experimental Photo Lab...more

Fun with a zoom lens

The Experimental Photo Lab...more

Gear Saturday--Nikon D80

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Light Painting

Sarah Levi Photography ...more

Photo Textures


Phone posting...

Sarah LI started my weekend early with a flight to MI this morning. It looks like there will be enough fall color left for a few great photos! I can't figure out how to get a photo from flickr to blogger on my iPhone...so I will leave you a photo from my camera roll...over on my blog, as of course I can't figure out how to get any photo from phone to blogher. Http://sarahleviphotography.com...more

Water Droplet Refraction