In Love and War

At our final wedding of the year—wedding #8 for anyone who's counting—my friend Pam looked at me and said, "You know, statistically all of these marriages won't work out." I was taken aback. Pam is the sweetest, kindest person I know. She always has a smile on her face and is always thinking of others ....more


A quick Google search for "lobster menorah" does not disappoint, despite lobsters being not kosher. But I guess you wouldn't eat your menorah, would you?May I present the Menobster: He can be purchased from here. Also the smugly funny Gloucester Clam reported on the World's Largest Lobster Pot Menorah in its article, Hanukkah: It's a Trap!: Pun intended ....more

Mr. Sparky, More Like Mr. Sparkless

My hands hurt.My hands hurt because this reader and writer has been working with her hands. I have cuts and band-aids on the majority of my fingers. Swiping the iPhone has become an increasingly difficult task ....more

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

We lasted 30 days without plumbing in our kitchen. On Friday our contractor hung the remaining cabinets, installed our granite counter top, and hooked up our new sink and faucet. It felt surreal to sit in our new kitchen and eat Lucky Charms out of a paper bowl and see the changes ....more

Hello, is it me you are looking for

I'm here, I still read blogs every week day, but I've just become more of a lurker. I've spent this year reading like a maniac. I've read over 30 books so far, which I feel has made me more passive: reading instead of writing ....more

Safe and Sound

Auth note: I had originally written this in October 2013, but I didn't publish it because I thought I was being morose or overly dramatic. Then during Passover, a man affiliated with the KKK walked into a Jewish community center in Kansas city and killed two people. Then he crossed the street and entered a Jewish assisted-living center and killed another person ....more


Got my laboratory results back from my doctor. I am completely 100% healthy. Healthy and cold and exhausted ....more

A Pretty Penny

I looked at my bills this month and smiled. SMILED. Because for the first time in about 10 years, I'm feeling a little financially flush ....more


People ask us how being married is. Whether it's any different to the life we had before.I always respond it's exactly the same.Abraham says he likes married life better. And when the other person is done singing, "Aww," he qualifies that he is happier because I'm no longer stressed 24/7 about the wedding.In real life, marriage is expensive, if you base it on cost per day for what you spent on the wedding ....more


Whereas "I love you" and "fiancé" were words that were difficult to try on, "husband" felt like the most natural word to slip from my lips.The first time I said it, I was standing at a Delta gate, trying to upgrade our flight to Mexico to first class."We only have 1 seat left," the gate agent informed me."No thanks. I'd like to sit with my husband," I spun on my heels and flipped my hair at him.So much for honeymoon perks ....more