Organizing Without Organization Supplies

The cost to be organized can add up quickly, especially if you're like us- we love those clear, plastic bins!Slowly but surely, we're replacing soggy, cardboard boxes with more durable containers- but what do we do until then?Here are a few ways we keep organized while we wait to buy better organization supplies:CLOTHING-...more

Helping From Home: How to Reach Out When You Can't Get Out

Helping From Home Getting out into the community is important for homemakers, but there are ways to help from home should you find yourself in a season where you're unable to get out! Here are a few suggestions, specifically for Wichita, KS locals:...more

Chore Charts: They Aren't Just for Kids :)

Daily/Weekly Chore Chart Have you tried cleaning zones yet? How's that coming along?We wanted to provide you with 2 of our chore charts to help out!Our first chore chart is what we do on a daily basis:...more

Meal Planning: Don't Have One? Give Our Way a Try!

We've tried various types of meal planning and shopping trips throughout our marriage, and we've found a favorite: The Once a month meal plan, Once a month shopping. ...more

West Coast Inspiration: How We Began Remodeling Our Master Bedroom

For our honeymoon, we ventured to the great West Coast, and settled in Newport Beach, Oregon for a while. The Sylvia Beach Hotel, a hotel for book lovers, was our home for the week, and it was lovely!...more

Kitchen Organization: How to Love & Live in Your Small Kitchen

Happy "Monday Meals"! We hope you had an enjoyable weekend :).  ...more

Walls With Purpose: Making the Most of Small Spaces

Our home is sweet and small, which makes wall space very valuable. Even if your home isn't small, giving purpose to your walls can help make a good use of space! For example: ...more