Muffin Melts

This is an oldie but goodie. It’s one of my favorite breakfasts OF ALL TIME! These Muffin Melts are perfect for preparing the night before and take just minutes to bake in the morning.  All you do is smear the prepared spread on the English Muffins and pop in the oven. The result is nothing short of perfection....more

Hot and Spicy Italian Beef

This is a fun and spicy take on traditional Italian Beef. My husband is obsessed with all things beef and it was a true testament to how good these sandwiches were, because he actually ate the leftovers. *Gasp* He hardly ever eats leftovers, which makes me crazy, but these leftovers were gobbled up in no time....more

Best Green Beans Ever

Cucumber Salad

Summer is the season for salad. This is one of my favorites! Lettuce doesn’t always need to be the center of attention. This Cucumber Salad is cool, refreshing and full of flavor. Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, salty feta and a tangy Italian dressing make a wonderful salad. It’s the perfect start to any meal and takes no time at all to put together....more

Broccolini with Garlic

Fresh Tomato Salsa

Here’s the thing, we’re kind of snobby when it comes to salsa. It will pretty much guarantee a return visit to a restaurant if they have good salsa. If not, sadly, they’ll never see us again. So making salsa at home is quite the daunting task. The husband likes it hot and I like it fresh with lots of flavor. Meeting these two expectations is not an easy feat....more

4th of July Fruit Skewers

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” — Benjamin Franklin...more

Bountiful Baskets

How to Cut a Pineapple

White Bean Turkey Meatballs

Some will say you can only get this from adding milk and breadcrumbs, then simmering the meatballs in sauce for hours. Of course they're good that way, but there are healthier options that taste just as good as—if not better than—the traditional recipes. ...more