DIY Ice Cucmber Eye Pads

The holiday season is a busy time of year. Our social calendars are filled to the max and there’s endless to do lists to finish. It’s the most fun time of year, but it can also drain you of energy. Living on coffee is one solution to be less zombie like, but what about those dark circles and puffy eyes? You could buy those expensive cucumber eye pads you see in beauty stores or you could make your own at home for a fraction of the cost. It’s easy and takes no time at all. All you need are a few ingredients and you’ll be on your way to looking more refreshed!...more

Fit Foodie 5k Recap

This past weekend was a blast! All of my favorite things rolled into one weekend…fitness, food and cocktails! Not to mention I got to do it all with my bestie, Julia. She’s also responsible for all the photos. Apparently, it was all to exciting for me :)...more

Spiced Apple Pie

Apple Pie, is there anything better on a cool fall day? The warm spiced apples surrounded by the delicate flaky crust. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. I took a trip to our local orchard and picked some delicious Granny Smith’s. I knew their future looked bright with this pie. As promised in my Lattice Pie Crust Post, here is my spiced apples recipe....more

A Case for Butter

Butter, delicious enough on its own, but when sweet and savory flavors are added, it takes it to a whole new level. That’s exactly what we’re doing her today. Three recipes that will reward you with good eats a plenty.Let’s begin with Compound Butter. It’s about as versatile as it gets....more

Mushroom Polenta

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Ricotta and Kale Calzone

Ricotta and kale calzones with garlic, red onion, and castelvetrano olives was my absolute favorite meal of the week. Paired with a fresh oregeno and parmesean marinara, it’s perfect for this time of year....more

Grains of Paradise Crusted Steak: Blue Apron

Here we are with meal #2 from Blue Apron. I love hearing what you guys think about the service! Seems like most of you really like  it. Trust me, it’s really worth checking out. Don’t forget to use this link and get your first 2 meals free! And now for the recipe, today we have Grains of Paradise-Crusted Steak....more