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Go to to find thousands of free recipes for just about any occasion. There are also articles written about health, weight, diet, hosting parties and crafts for kids and adults. It i ...more

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I need your favorite recipes for one or two servings!

Hey All, I have been having the toughest time trying to find some recipes that only call for one or two servings. I know I can break them down but I just don't want to do that anymore. They never turn out right. ...more

I don't know as to what dish you are referring to...But...There was a ...more

Hey All!

Hi All, Well one of my fellow colleges told me about this blog site. I am somewhat new to all of this stuff but I am learing that this is a great thing! This site is fantastic. Anyway a little bit about myself, I am an Editor for a somewhat new recipe Web site called Basically it is a site that "has thousands" of recipes - go figure and we are trying to write some fun and new articles that have to do with food and health. I did just get a my very own column so i am pretty pumped about that. So that is my work life for now. ...more