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My family and I recently discovered...more

And now it’s 2015

Cool, eh? ...more

this is halloween (this is halloween)

pumpkins scream in the dead of night! Or, if you’re in Georgia, the pumpkins are quiet, but it rains off and on during Trick-or-Treating and they predict snow a bit north of you and someone who doesn’t live THAT far from you...more

ramblings from the past week

// I really wanted a drink. And then I discovered the rum was gone. I ended up having a...more

first week of school

// We survived the first five days of school! They all three seem to be very happy to be back, although Levi was annoyed that first grade doesn’t come with as many toys as kindergarten. However, today he brought in his favorite book as part of an ‘About Me’ homework project (Roar of a Snore) and he came home so excited ....more

’twas the night before a new school year randomness

//My kids are so excited about school starting tomorrow that two of them can’t sleep. //We are finishing up The West Wing and I’m sort of sad it’s coming to a close, I’ve grown attached to those characters. I’m also really glad that Josh and Donna finally got together ....more

august groceries, part 1

So! My big project this month is to...more

and so ends july

// So, Keith lost his job the beginning of July. Not counting the semi-purposeful stint as a stay at home mom on my part for the first four years of parenting, this is by far the longest either of us have gone without a job since we started dating 10 years ago. It’s really, really weird having him around this much ....more

thriftin’ it up

Sometimes thrifting is good, sometimes it is really bad, and sometimes you hit the freakin’ jackpot. I hit up Goodwill today because my wardrobe has gotten a bit sparse lately,...more