Another New Year

I think it's done, the long process of putting away, and recovering from, the holidays....more

Christmas Cards: Red Pen and Pentimento

There is an unusual term employed in art history, to describe the action of the years and their peculiar effect on the canvases of paintings: pentimento....more

Report Card - for Moms

Report Cards – for Moms The problem with Motherhood is that there is only downside....more

Hai Sarah! I had the same idea 8 years ago. And I really made them. Now my Report Cards for Mom ...more

The Butterfly Diaries: Yellow Swallowtail

One weekend when the children were small we took them to visit their Grandparents in Pennsylvania....more

Keeper of the Stuff

The Boy and The Girl are home from college. And so is all their stuff. So much for a clean garage. Does family life equate with stuff? This is the question I am asking myself today. When the kids were small, and tumbling about the house daily, I waged a constant war with untidy possessions....more


My Mother once gave one of my sisters an ENORMOUS laundry bag for Christmas. It ...more