Ladies UFC

WOO HOO... the next Bachelor has finally begun and it proves to be a nail biting, jaw dropping extravaganza.  Yes, I am one of those idiots who chooses to watch a bunch of women acting like idiots over some boy (and this season looks like it will absolutely NOT disappoint).  Hey, the guys have UFC (Ultimate Fight Club). I...have The Bachelor....more

"Day" of Resolutions

Well, another year is gone. Is it this the end of a decade or the beginning of one? I mean usually you start counting at one and finish at 10 but I guess you might start counting at zero and end at 9. And how do we refer to the year? It was '97 and '01, but it sounds weird just saying "ten". It almost sounds better to say "oh-ten". "Twenty-ten" is too many syllables but probably sounds the least stupid so I guess we'll all stick with that. Again, I am getting caught up in the details.So what did everyone else do for saying good by to 2009? Me?...more


Well, I had an awesome day at work today so I'm feeling far more inspired than I have over the last couple of days.I wish I could go into great detail about how awesome my day was but a) I'm not allowed and b) you probably wouldn't understand my crazy coded verbology as I know I would digress into industry speak.  But... regardless, I am a happy woman.  Even though I just got home from work and I must go back in less than 9 hours, I am completely okay with it.  If only every day at work were like today....more

Are you Misunderstood?

How do I see myself?  I'm awesome... well, except for the fact that I can be a total idiot at times (like when I poured orange juice in my plants because I forgot I'd made the juice in the watering cannister last week).  And yes I am obnoxious, often when I am in a good mood (ironic).  And I guess I am moody when I don't get enough sleep or occasionally during certain times of the month... and when I don't eat... ...more

So true, so true.  I think a lot of us feel that way at times.  I prefer to think ...more

Clearly I work with MEN!

This is just getting ridiculous.  Apparently I may never in my life sleep again.... ...more

What the world needs to know about Modern Single Women.

In the blogher group Single Women Bloggers Unite, the questions was posed "What do you want the modern world to know about the Modern Single Woman?".  Well I thought it was a fabulous question but of course not one I could answer in just a few sentences.  So of course I had to create a full up blog post about it.  So here is what I want the world to know about the modern single woman (or at least THIS modern single woman): ...more

I linked it back to my post on my own website because unfortunately I am not savy enough with ...more

What ever happened to voodoo dolls?

One of my friends recently sent me an email.  I did what all of us do when we receive an email from a friend... I opened it... CRAP!!!  I did not notice the dreaded FW: in the subject line.  Why does she insist on cursing me with 8 years of bad luck and being lonely for eternity? ...more

hello ego, meet my mediocre average crap ass self

A while back I started a separate blog that was a photo challenge.  The reason was that I had a small fascination with photography. I’d really like to get into it, and I’d heard about a photo challenge from a friend and thought it would be a great way to start a blog.  Now granted, I am not the best at finishing things I start (I hate that I have to admit that here where you can look back and see big long gaps in my writing... let’s just say I get distracted easily), but I’m getting better.  And it’s not that I don’t want to keep doing my photo challenge... ...more

sharkwater - an unexpected lesson about humans and nature (and of course sharks)

I recently sat at home deciding I would sit down and relax in front of the television.  I was flipping through the channels and came across some beautiful underwater footage.  I am a huge fan of our fabulous planet and am always eager to be inspired by its beauty.  It makes it much easier to swallow buying the more expensive apple that is organic, avoid the beautiful shirt that is overpackaged, and convinces me to take the hour out of my saturday to go to the recycling depot despite its horrendous smell and long lines during the one hour it is open in my town.  But of course, our planet is ...more

Nice to meet you too...

This kind of thing could ONLY happen to me.   ...more

I think a lot of men get to a point  in their life where they realize that women do have ...more