Thanks, BlogHer! Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for reading my book and checking out my essay. I'm thrilled to be included here on BlogHer. It's especially cool that I'm the first YA title to be featured in the Book Club. I'm just back from book tour and a final conference, juggling an alternatively clingy/energetic 4 year old and trying to catch up on about a million loads of laundry. I know you know how THAT goes. But I will try to check in as much as possible! Okay, off to try and come up with something for dinner.......more
Loved your book, and thanks so much! more

What I Learned From My First Awful Novel

I wrote my first novel in college. It was terrible. No, really: it was. When you write your first book, you feel like you have to put your entire life and all you know into it, and that’s pretty much what I did. It was epic, and resembled a doorstop more than a piece of literature. I can remember when I printed it out on my dot matrix printer (these were olden times) I had to stop every forty pages or so to let it cool down, as it was literally smoking. That should have been my first sign, right there....more

I'm so glad a successful author admitted to doing what I feel like I must do every time I sit ...more