Kindergarten Redshirting: Should We Hold Them Back?

As I limp toward the finish line of summer vacation, I start to cycle through thoughts of my kids being the youngest in their class.  And what, if anything, I should do about this.  I have three kids; boy, girl and boy.  I feel like I’ve been churning on this topic for years now, and I feel this way because I actually have been churning on this topic for years....more

The Naked Egg: Kid's Science Experiments Gone Awry

It is with the best of intentions that I start our summer vacation all gung-ho with a brain full of inspiring activities for the kids. We are going to bring fun-ducation to our house this summer dammit, they will not lose all of the skills they worked hard to learn over the course of the year.  We’ll read exciting books and write in our journals and do awe inspiring science experiments. Hooray! I’m the best mom ever....more
Avery Lane You know what though, that is such a good idea. My daughter had a fairy garden a ...more

Infant Eczema: 3 Ways to Help Ease Discomfort

Image Credit: Shine On Mom Within a couple of weeks of our littlest guy being born, his skin broke out in eczema combined with an atrocious case of cradle cap. The poor guy was a mess. It was a long road of doctors visits and specialist referrals before I got on a program that really helped him out....more
Thanks Natalie, I'm glad you find it helpful! I was in the same boat as you and everyone felt ...more

Solving the World's Problems: Design the Perfect Maternity Leave

Have you ever thought about how the duration of and financial compensation during your maternity leave affects your long term career and your family life?  I have had the benefit of working in both the US and Canada where parental leaves could not be further apart in both time off and financial support.  I unfortunately, chose to have kids in the country with the least family friendly policies where the majority of benefits ...more

Chicago Teachers' Strike: A Plea to Agree

Today is Thursday, Day 4 of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) strike.  Two of my kids started in the public school system here in Chicago last Tuesday.  My preschooler has 20 kids in her class and took it all in stride having watched her big brother run through the program last year.  It was a rough go for him though; feeling a little lost among the 31 other kindergarteners in his class.  We are fortunate to live in a good area of Chicago....more

Taboo Topics: Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy and Newborns

“Nobody told me…(fill in the blank)”.  How often have you said this or heard one of your girlfriends say this about something pregnancy or post-pregnancy related?  While pregnant with my first child, I felt like I was saying it all the time. ...more

21 Days to Quit Thumb-Sucking

It takes 21 days to break a habit, or create a new one if you’d rather.  ...more

What Impact Does Birth Order Have?

 @Practically Speaking Yes. Totally!more

When Water Becomes Deadly

tim40s I have no idea how you found this, that is amazing. I definitely remember you, you had a ...more

The Crossover SUV: One Step Away from Minivan

 I’m kind of depressed about the fact that I now use the term “crossover SUV” in conversation.  I am a practical person = Practically Speaking....more
I have a Toyota Sequoia which can seat 8 in luxury and carry a lot of stuff. We did have a ...more