Her Partner In Crime

Helene Hanff is one of my three favorite authors. Jane Austen, Agatha Christie and Helene Hanff are all on my short list. Other authors float on and off my top list now and again, but these three remain at the top of the pile.I love Jane's wit ....more

I Am Man Repellant

I am writing in response to the lovely lady graduate of Princeton who recently admonished young women who were attending that prestigious university to find and marry a man as soon as possible. If they don't they will regret it for the rest of their lives.I disagree. I didn't get married until I was 48 -- almost 49.I am man repellant....more

I Am Man Repellant

Just Plain Silly

A cat in a shark costume on a  Roomba chasing a duckling. What more do you want? ...more

The Age Of Diana


Winter Is Over

It's been really cold in southern California. And by really cold, we mean that we've had to wear coats over our sweaters. Cold is weather in the 30s here. It's not cold enough or likely to snow. And we won't ever be able to match the negative numbers that cities like Minneapolis and Fargo wake up to every morning for month after month. But the one thing we can do is complain about the cold snap just as loudly as ...more

Starting Here, Starting Now

So here we are starting another year...and since this year ends with a three, I know that I'm going to be having an "Oh" birthday in October.Oh no! ...more