To Buy or Not To Buy

This tale begins with a new, bigger and better Nordstrom Rack that recently opened in downtown Seattle.  Obviously, for field research sake, I had to make a maiden pilgrimage to the new location during the week of its' grand opening.  As expected, it was a mob scene- which is not my bag when it comes to shopping- but I quickly skimmed the designer racks and found that this new location had by far the largest selection of discounted bridge and designer lines in all the land.  This 40' x 40' basement balagan (cluster f**k in hebrew) instantly became my new mecca....more

Turning Oscar Style into Reality

It's always amazed me how designers like Allen Schwartz (ABS) turn around knock-off Oscar dresses the day after the show! I LOVE watching how celebs and their stylists interpret fashion, form and accessorizing. Here's a look at a few at a few winning dresses and my humble opinion on how to replicate the glamour....more

My Interview with Molly Mesnick

I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with Molly Mesnick (former contestant and wife of the The Bachelor's, Jason Mesnick) to find out how she manages to always be stylish and stick to what's true for her.SF: How would you describe your own, personal style?...more

Dedicated to Duds

Some of you may have seen the post I recently put on my facebook page about 95 year old Fashionista and Socialite, Zelda Kaplan, dying in the front row of a fashion show.  I think all of us, upon hearing about her death, sighed, but celebrated the inspiring irony that she was so dedicated to fashion, she literally was there until the very end. ...more

Stud Finder

I hadn't really been out all week, so I was looking foward to making a splash with my Friday-night- dinner-and-drinks outfit last night.  I decided on a relatively simple, monochromatic look: high waisted skinnies, black blazer with sculpted shoulders and my go-to grey scarf.  I decided that since I was down playing colors, I would sass up my outfit with a bold accessory.  Taking a cue from New York Fashion Week's native-american inspired jewelry collections, I chose a pair of large hoop earrings with beaded fringe. PS they were $4.80 from F21. Oh yah....more

Game-time chic

Now that I'm in my 30's, I feel a greater sense of sophistication with regards to my own, personal style than I did when I was in college.  The reason I make this comparison is that while my loyalty and enthusiasm to certain professional and college sports teams has never wavered, my willingness to dress the part, has. ...more

Spring for Neon: Can you wear the bright?

If you've walked past (or if you're like me, walked through) The Gap or JCrew lately, you will get a shock to the system taking in all the shocking pink, yellow and lime that's showing up for Spring '12.  While I never really embraced neon the first time it came around, in the 80's, I'm super into it now!...more

Valentine's Day Style

Ladies...and dudes, too, if you're listening: unless you still carry a lunchbox to school, wearing red, pink or purple or any combination therein for your Valentine's day date, is just fashion heresy!!  You know I'm a HUGE fan of color; bright color blocking, bold prints, etc, but its just cheesy (and certainly NOT fashionable) to walk around on February 14th looking like a lifesize box of candy hearts. ...more

Matchy-matchy, no more!

Does anyone else have a mother who taught you when you were growing up that you must match your shoe color with your purse and belt? Did somebody tell you once that you can't wear navy and black together (If they told you you couldn't wear red and pink together, they were right!)? Or, have you ever been asked if you're a "gold" or a "silver" person? If you are like me, then you may have answered yes to the above questions. Growing up in the 80's and 90's, my mom always accessorized with gold jewelry, since her wedding ring was also gold....more
I too was and still am a bit guilty of trying to match perfectly my outfit with my accessories. ...more

My Best Accessories

I find that accessorizing an outfit is just as important-if not more- as the pants, dress or top that provide the foundation for your look.  Sometimes, even if I'm just wearing my juicy sweats or plain, black leggings, I will throw a brightly colored scarf around my neck, or grab one of my fabulous, fancy bags just to go to Target.  Actually utilizing your accessories can give you that little push to make you feel that much more stylish, even if you're not totally thrilled with the outfit you've put together. ...more