How Do Parents Reconcile Concerns about Violence with Child Care Needs?

 It was difficult for me to relinquish control over my toddler's daily care a year ago. I struggled for months beforehand with the idea of trusting that others might be able to see to her safety and well-being as well as I could. However, since returning to graduate studies and income work, I have discovered that I love our current arrangement. For our family, having the additional income security has been critical....more

The iPhone 5: Five Years in Real Life Is Like Five Decades in Tech Years

I have been waiting for the iPhone 5 for a very long time. I was already completely ready to turn mine in for an upgrade last year at this time. Why? I have been using the original since 2007. No joke. Today, it's a beautiful, sleek, antique metallic phone on which I can receive and place calls but effectively use very few other features. I don't tend to be in a hurry to have the latest, greatest thing. For examples, I resisted upgrading to the 3G, the 3GS, the 4 and the 4S....more

We Have Each Other: What's More Important - Couple Time or Friends Time?

  Life has been busy! Since last posting, I have resumed income work, am still enrolled in school and am experiencing all the mixed feelings and other tribulations of having a toddler in day care (partial translation: we are all sick a lot). Things are intense, but rewarding....more

Walking Off My Extra Worries

The sky is bold and clear and bright, now, the air almost warm, but there remains something of this morning’s storm there, too - a cool, fresh moisture embraces and at once calms and rejuvenates me. I place each step firmly, deliberately, aiming for a tight but comfortable pace, and nudge this morning’s work out of mind. Ruminating the details is hardly necessary – they will remain where I left them. In this I am successful, but in their place enter more troubling considerations....more

My Walk


A Dizzying Experience: New Motherhood and Chronic Illness

As of last week I have officially lost 30 pounds. At first, I considered whether to celebrate, because it has happened as the result of a disappointing development in my life. I visited some friends recently and one of them said, "You look GREAT!"  My response started off just how I wanted it to, with a genuine, "Thank you!"  I meant to stop there....more

Why Occupy Wall Street?

Here at Life Flipping, I frequently write about living deliberately. Most of the time, by “living deliberately,” I am referring to the importance of really thinking about our values and goals and inspirations - the elements in our lives that can bring us joy and peace - and continually actively making changes that will allow their realization. Living deliberately involves discipline. Often, it has to do with recognizing when our natural tendencies and intuitive ways of thinking are holding us back from living more freely....more

Toys: How Much Is Enough?

 As parents of a toddler, my husband and I encounter plenty of opportunities to disagree. We both keep an eye on articles about best parenting practices, and of course all parents operate on a certain amount of intuition as well....more
Ha! Love your bit about a toy store explosion! We are definitely on the same wavelength. I ...more

Karma is a Big Witch: Sleep Deprivation and Life with Baby

 At 2:30 this morning I finally realized I have been receiving personal visits from the Big witch Karma on a nightly basis for several weeks now, and on an otherwise fairly regular basis for a little over a year. We were already well-acquainted, so it shouldn't have taken me so long to recognize her presence. ...more