Your Collection Anywhere – Using a Plex Server

Back in January, during CES, a nice lady from Lenovo and I were chatting over lunch. ...more

Friends is Coming to Netflix! #StreamTeam

I own all 10 seasons of Friends on DVD. ...more

Digital Effects for Your Halloween Costume

I happened upon MorphCostumes while googling ways to make Halloween costumes cooler. They have some pretty sweet costumes (much better quality than you’ll be getting from Walmart costumes…) for very reasonable prices. To me, the coolest are the ones that add special effects with little slots built in...more

Fitness Gadgets for Your Smartphone

I’m more than a little bit obsessed with fitness these days. ...more

MagicJack Finally Unified My House

Years and years ago we got rid of our home phone service. ...more

Kids Learning to Code

As a rare female in the IT industry, I’m obviously extremely passionate about girls learning STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). ...more

How to Read Library Books on Your Device

On your phone, your tablet, your Kindle, your Nook, your laptop or PC…it’s a beautiful thing. Remember libraries—those venerable institutions stacked with books and reference information that began going out of style with the advent of the internet? Just a heads up, they are still in the business of lending you books and access to all sorts of juicy information for free ....more

8 Tips on Buying Barcode Printers for your Business

A barcode printer is a type of printer that is used for printing tags to be attached on objects for tracking purposes. The printer is connected to your computer through a USB drive. Nowadays the most common Shopify barcode printers use the thermal printing technology, which doesn’t require the use of cartridges or toners and therefore makes them very economical ....more

Meal Planning With #IntelTablets

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My Productive Day With #IntelTablets

I’m a mom. ...more