Online Tribute: A Beautiful Last-Minute Gift for the Mother in Your Life

Happy Mother's Day! As often happens on holidays, I woke up today feeling a little down. Being a mom is hard. Emotionally, physically, mentally, it's the hardest thing I've ever done. Now as we wait for the arrival of our little girl (Taylor May), I feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of even more responsibility... whew!...more
My mom really is my best friend. So many beautiful memories with her, but one of my favorites ...more

Emotional Allergies: Give Me Something to Fight!

It’s spring. Let the sniffling, headaches, and watery eyes commence!I am a seasonal allergy sufferer and have been reading that many allergies are our immune system’s way to deal with boredom. We disinfect, immunize and otherwise sterilize the world around us and our bodies are left with nothing to fight. So they start fighting our own bodies. Or grass. Or cat fur.Harmless, and even pleasant, components of the world around are seen as enemies and attacked by our immune systems.Kind of made me think of some things I see on Facebook....more

Your Self-Esteem is Tearing You Down

Turns out, self-esteem isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I recently read about a very interesting study, which compared self-esteem to self-compassion. Now, before you roll your eyes and call me a hippie, read the findings:...more

A Life Worth Celebrating Now

Since the moment I signed with my literary agent, I decided a book contract, should I land one, would require wild celebration. I reserved my enthusiasm for “the moment.” I dreamed about having a party, or a dinner maybe, to celebrate such a huge breakthrough in my life. Then I got my contract. ...more