How to Make a Compliment Bouquet

I am a girl who loves getting flowers. I know, I know. They die eventually. But for me, the surprise of a fresh bouquet never gets old and is always appreciated. My boyfriend, Shelton, is great at surprising me when I least expect it....more

Practical Couponing: Savings for the Un-Extreme

I coupon, but TLC probably wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole. I do not have a stockpile in my garage. (I don't even have a garage--ha!) I don't coupon like it's my job....more

Blue Jean TOMS DIY

Let's talk.A little over a year ago, I got my first pair of TOMS and I finally understood why people make such a fuss over these simple shoes for your soles.(Say that five times fast, please?)...more

Canvas Wall Art DIY (Using your 2012 calendar!)

So, last year I picked up a really cute calendar from Bed, Bath and Beyond that was on sale. It had fun illustrations, and I just thought it would be a fun, colorful and positive addition to my new apartment. I totally fell in love with the calendar. Each month, the message was just so perfect. For Christmas I am actually asking for the 2013 calendar with illustrations by the same designer....more

Poinsettia Holiday Garland DIY

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... and I couldn't be happier. A while back, I came across Oh Happy Day's DIY for flower garland using cupcake wrappers and string lights, and decided that I would give it a Christmas spin. This is such a fun and easy project -- definitely one you can do while catching up on TV or just relaxing to some holiday jams. (I'm quite partial to this one.)...more
@sarahlp Thanks for sharing such a cute tutorial on our site!more

Easy Apple Tart

The word "pie" elicits two very strong emotions from me.On one hand, when I hear the rumblings of pie being thrown around in conversation, I immediately want pie in my mouth. Like, instantly. On the other hand, I think about how much trouble it is to make pie. Especially if you're going to do it right. And then I try to force the aforementioned thoughts of pie from my brain. It's a painful process, to say the least.The other day, Shelton said he wanted to make apple pie. I actually groaned, can you believe that? Thank goodness he ignored me....more