Honoring the Ambivalence of Motherhood

“My children cause me the most exquisite suffering of which I have any experience. It is the suffering of ambivalence: the murderous alternation between bitter resentment and raw-edged nerves, and blissful gratification and tenderness.” ...more

Is Mindfulness a Religion?

Mindfulness is truly having its moment right now. It’s the Year of Mindful Living, the age of the Mindful Revolution. Mindfulness is branching out from clinical and therapeutic settings and entering classrooms and boardrooms, congressional offices, and military bases ....more

5 New Books to Read Now {and TWO Giveaways!}

I have an unhealthy totally natural obsession with addiction to interest in books. My nightstand right now has no fewer than 8 books that I am in various stages of reading. My Kindle library overfloweth ....more

Make Space and Your Light Will Find Its Way

First Fig My candle burns at both ends; ...more

The Answers That Blow in the Wind

Wind has always been my least favorite weather condition. When it snows, I can wear my warm furry boots. When it rains, I can walk comfortably under my umbrella ....more

The Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

The modern mindful life, according to my new tagline, is informed by research and grounded in practice. It is absolutely astounding how much research has been conducted in the last decade on mindfulness and meditation and all the amazing ways it can transform our brains, and our lives. Much of the research on mindfulness and meditation reveals the amazing neuroplasticity of our brains — while we used to think that our brains stopped developing in our early twenties, we now know that our experiences can shape our neural development well into our sixties and beyond ....more

On Target: How We Can Actually, Seriously Learn About Mindfulness Inside the Big Box

Preparing to hunt down the elusive Tidus Detergentus Anyone who knows me knows I love Target. Not even a credit card security breach keeps me from making my weekly pilgrimage to this mecca, which for me is actually located in a city named Medina, as I hunt down and gather the necessary items for my family’s survival. Oh, how my less evolved ancestors would have loved this oasis, staffed with expert trackers dressed in easy-to-spot red and khaki, the store full of food already butchered and prepared, stylish clothes and bedding to keep them warm, and designer blenders for their morning smoothies ....more

Mindful Mantras for Teachers

Some days in the classroom are magical — we are energized, our students are excited, the lesson goes well, we laugh and have fun, students participate and learn, and we leave for the day with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Other days are downright disastrous — we’re tired, students are distracted, the lesson bombs, we’re cranky or even mean, students challenge us, little is learned, and we leave for the day wondering why the hell we ever chose this profession. We’ve all been there, right? ...more

Mindful Parenting Q&A

Several weeks ago, I asked you to share the questions you had about the practice of...more

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Why We Need Connection and Friendship

While there certainly are a lot of silly love songs out there, we also sing about achey breaky hearts, wrecking balls, and falling to pieces. We croon about how love is a battlefield, how it tears us apart, and when it leaves we’re in a world with no air. We emerge torn by those who leave scars (collecting a jar of hearts, no doubt) ....more