Botanical Wellness (Part 1)

When I ask people about their self-care and wellness practices, it is not common for them to talk about gardening.  Sometimes, people speak about the benefits of having fresh flowers in their homes, but this is usually in reference to bringing home cut flowers.  There is nothing wrong with having a bouquet of flowers.  Who doesn't want one (feel free to send me some peonies)?...more

What does your body need to heal?

What does your body need to heal?  This is a question that Lissa Rankin asks us that I think is important for all of us to ask ourselves today.  Working at a wellness center, I continue to find clients who come to me looking for immediate fixes.  Many of these clients will ask about medications, believing that their emotional and physical stressors will be alleviated by popping a pill without even exploring what is the underlying cause of the problem....more