Upon my triumphant return to the kitchen

We are in week five of our kitchen project.  This means that I have not cooked a rack of ribs, ...more

Have I told you my superhuman birth story?

Have I told you about the time that I gave birth to a nine-pound baby without any pain medication whatsoever? I probably have.  Well, since we're on the subject, I labored for 24 unmedicated hours, and a few years later I did it again.  But that time it was only a few hours of labor and eight and a half pounds of baby, which is nothing really.I know that boasting about natural birth experiences is frowned upon and not just because of the mental images it evokes.  Check out any pregnancy and baby websites and you'll see that the debate between the epidural-us...more

A not-so-new-review: The Ten-Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer

Some people have the means to pre-order a hardcover copy of every interesting read they hear about and some have the ability to download in an instant any title that strikes their fancy.  I envy those people, but this review isn't for them. It is for the bargain shelf-shopping, interlibrary loan-borrowing, not so of-the-moment, frugal readers like me....more

Lobster BLT with Tarragon-Lemon Mayonnaise

The summer after my freshman year in college I stayed with my husband (then my fairly new boyfriend) at his parents house on Long Island for ten days.  There were many awkward moments during that long visit to the home of the people who would one day be my in-laws, including the lo...more

The men who got us here

When we were young and first dating people sometimes mistook my husband and me for brother and sister. Once, some rarely seen relatives on my father's side even assumed my brother was my date because the family's New York Irish blood is so much more apparent in my freckled, Long Island-native husband than in my blond-haired, Massachusetts-born brother....more

On princesses, pink, and where I've gone wrong

A couple of Saturdays ago I brought my seven-year-old, Big E, to a book signing.  The whole idea made me feel very literary and cultured and like an overall good mother....more

Everything Will Be Okay; Even Tornadoes and Cancer. I Promise.

Last Wednesday evening I called my parents as I do most nights, but I wasn't able to reach them. I didn't think much of it until I caught the tail end of a news report about possible tornadoes in their area. I started to worry. I called again. I called their cell phones.  I lost my temper with the children. I called some more. I turned off the television.Just before I slipped into hardcore panic, I remembered something: this was my parents, they have been making everything okay for me for 35 years and so they would be just fine....more

On Embracing Spandex

Recently I've realized that a superhero's powers may be less about the cape and more about the tights.It all started about a month ago when I decided to upgrade my gym wardrobe from the utilitarian running shorts I've been wearing for years to a pair of lightweight spandex that hit just below the knee.  They were incredibly comfortable but proved too low-rise for vigorous exercise.  Hoping to justify my purchase, I took to wearing them around the house.I also spent a lot of time twisting around to survey my rearview in the full-length mirror in my bedroom...more

You are so right. A new pair of shorts or pants can make you feel invincible! And with all the ...more

Beer Bread

You may have noticed that not long after I bragged about my new healthy eating project, I also shared recipes for ribs, ice cream pie, pizza and brownies.  I swear I still have a (passing) interest in eating more vegetables and whol...more

Footballer's WIfe

I know I've complained about soccer's pernicious creep into my life (and maybe a bit hyperbolically by invoking 1984), but I survived our first double soccer weekend of the season --Big E on Saturday and my husband on Sunday.  I'm trying to keep a more positive outlook, which in spring is made easier by the fact that the weather is getting warmer rather than colder and high school soccer isn't in season so my husband's coaching duties are restricted to Sa...more