8 Reasons I Didn't Respond to Your Text/Voicemail/Email/Message/Etc

I know you sent me that text/voicemail/email/facebook message/instagram comment/smoke signal last week/month/year. I know I was supposed to respond. You and I both know that I did not. Here’s why:...more

Beyonce: Empowerment or Objectification

Last night Beyonce did her usual song and dance at the Super Bowl halftime show. People went crazy, as they always do, and she just might have caused a major blackout. (At least that’s what Twitter seemed to think.) She certainly wasn’t lipsyncing and I thought the Destiny’s Child reunion was pretty great – I really respected her for that....more

A (nearly) public life

Blogging is personal. Well, I guess it doesn’t have to be. But all the blogs that I find engaging and worth going back to are personal. And whether I need to or not, I have tried to be personal here....more

Your Baby is an A**hole

I recently came across this gem from an essay by Jef Otte responding to the TIME magazine story:...more

An Accident at Ballet Class

This morning was Adeline’s first ballet class. We arrived early because I wasn’t sure what to expect. We walked through the door and were met with an adorable array of pastel pink and purple tutus, dresses, and various other chiffony, feathery, girly goodness. I was promptly ushered through the process of purchasing tights, a tutu ensemble, and ballet slippers – all of which added up to almost as much as we paid for the class. Soon all the other little girls had arrived and we lined up to enter the studio....more

Ten Simple Steps to Take Better Photographs

Everyone loves beautiful photographs of their children. Too often, though, we have a vision of what we want but the result just doesn’t match up. Through my own experience and through looking at other photos of children that aren’t quite as good as they could be, I’ve learned a lot about what makes a good photo.These are my top ten tips for taking beautiful photographs of children. I’ve illustrated my points with some photos. All of these were taken in one 45-minute photo session on the beach with my daughter.1. Get down on the ground. ...more

The Moment She Was Born

“Sara, open your eyes, your baby is coming out!”  My midwife’s voice broke through the haze of exhaustion and pain.  I had been pushing for almost four hours, fighting for the natural birth I’d wanted.  I opened my eyes and looked down just as I felt the release of the head coming out.  There she was: gray and slimy and tiny, oh so tiny.  My baby!...more
Thanks for sharing so beautifully those intimate first moment with your baby.  Wonderful writing! more