Rediscovering the benefits of common ground

I have a dear friend who asks me periodically if we've connected with other adoptive families, and I always tell her we've made no such efforts. When she probes further, asking if that's something we should do, I assure her we've got great friends and don't need it.But that was before Mike and I found ourselves fireside listening to the dulcet tones of NPR’s Scott Simon talking about traveling to China to meet his daughters....more
It's hard for me at times -- as birth parents aren't always open about who they are. Finding a ...more

Finding motherhood amidst snot and tears

It's difficult to say when I officially became an adoptive mom. Did I first don the title when my husband and I began compiling the paperwork to apply for adoption and simultaneously started praying for the birth mom, that she would take care of herself and therefore her baby? Was it when our baby was born, even if we didn't know he existed yet (since he went into interim care until the birth mom's parental rights were terminated)? Was it when my hubby and I got the call from the social worker that a healthy baby boy was ready for us to pick up and take home?...more
Thanks, Daidra =) Teddy's such an easy baby, at this point showering hasn't been a problem. But ...more