4 Pretty Pumpkins

3 Tips On How You Can Drink More Water Today

I’ve been trying to drink more and more water lately- to curb my snacking appetite and because I’ve been getting more frequent headaches and my doctor suggested it! This is sort of easy for me because I have always been a water lover and cannot stand the taste of Coke or other dark sodas. However, I do need to be more cautious about actually consuming the suggested amount of water (according to the Mayo Clinic that is 2.2 liters for females and 3 liters for men). Here’s some tips on getting enough h20 throughout the day....more

Faux "Fried" Shrimp

I love fried shrimp, but not the calories it can add on to my meal. So, this is a healthy alternative to one of my favorite entrees—baked in Panko!...more
 @wdolderer I'm a big fan of panko, too! Glad I could give you something new to try!more

Grilled Potato Salad

Don’t ask me why, but one day this week I was craving potato salad. And, being on the grilling kick I’m in (see: grilled corn and grilled pizza/salad), I decided to make grilled potato salad! It’s pretty easy, so don’t let the steps below overwhelm you. Plus, I took lots of pictures to help....more

Peach Ice Cream

Peach season is almost over! Now, this isn’t a heartbreak for me, I’m not the biggest fan of the fruit, but my boyfriend loves them… a lot. So I decided to make a treat for him to get in the last couple of peaches (and also an excuse to use my new ice cream maker again). He ate it right up, while I was satisfied with the remainder of my Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. This makes about 1 quart of ice cream....more

Pizza Rolls/Bites

I went to the Clemson vs. Auburn game this weekend in Atlanta (which Clemson won!!) and needed to bring some food that could hold up on the 2 hour trip to the Georgia Dome and still taste good. Also, I couldn’t reheat it so that was a factor in deciding what to make. This resulted in cheese pizza bites and rolls that are great hot, warm, OR cold....more