Christmas Meme

I saw this Christmas Meme over on irocksowhat last week and decided to join in. My sick mind needed some easy answers and a little fun. 1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate. I've never even tried egg nog or vegan nog either. 2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? We wrap stuff around here, but I haven't had a visit from Santa in many years. 3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? I always do color, but like the simplicity of white too. I feel like it's more classy though, and I tend to go more with the fun and funky instead. 4....more

10 Etsy Items I Would Love to See Under the Holiday Tree

Of course, there are hundreds of items on etsy which I would not mind having as my own, but here are 10 select items which make me smile and that would only make a small dent in the good ol' bank account:  Min...more
I love the necklaces! You just gave me the sudden urge to do a little shopping on Etsy!more

5 Thoughts on Being Sick


Film: Take Shelter

Today I took my fella to a surprise date.You see, he always takes extra interest in storm and bomb shelters, so when I heard about this film from a friend, I had to get us to the theatre to see it....more

Super Self Love

One important aspect of Super Self Love is doing what is best for yourself even when you do not feel like doing it....more

Focusing Energy Where it Counts

I've been having a kind of rough time.You see, I have dreams. I have hopes. I have visions of the life I want to live. At the same time, something is holding me back....more

Wedding Wednesday

 If you've stopped by here more than once than you probably already know we have three dogs....more


Just here to share some instagram inspired thoughts (aka insta-thoughts...I'm so not clever) for the week:  ...more

Today I am Grateful

Today I am grateful... ...for having a man who loves each and every part of me....for building my own feeling of home within these walls....for friends with new homes and happiness of their own....for having enough....for the ability to use my mind to help the world around me....for teach...more

Otter Box Makeover

When I upgraded to an iphone a few weeks back, we signed me up for the apple care plan due to my habit of having unfortunate phone accidents.Either the lady just thought I was the best, or felt sorry for the future of my phone if it went unprotected, or maybe it was just a perk of signing up, but regardless, she gave me a free otter box case for my new phone. Well folks, that's wonderful, I could use it,...more