Merry and Bright Wishes!

Thank you all for the love and joy you bring to me and my family by visiting this site every so often. I am so grateful for you guys and this space and this community. We are a community! ...more

Christmas Morning Casserole

Every family has their Christmas morning traditions. When we were little, I was never able to sleep so I would lie awake most likely watching mass at the Vatican on PBS because we didn’t have cable and it was either that or infomercials. I would lie awake until my eyes couldn’t stay open for any longer ....more

Hard Apple Cider Custard Pie

Isn’t it funny how your goals and aspirations change through the years? Sometimes I like to compare my little kid hopes and dreams to my grown up Debbie Downer hopes and dreams. It is quite the examination of contradictions ....more

Vanilla Bean Confetti Cookies

I have been trying my best to not overwhelm you with cookie and sweets recipes this month. I think I have been doing pretty well. Although, I do have two more sweets recipes up my sleeve before Christmas juuuust in case you are in need of more things to add to your holiday baking list (or your waistline) Continue reading: Vanilla Bean Confetti Cookies ...more

Pesto Challah

I usually brainstorm my written post ideas a night or two in advance. Since today’s recipe is bread, I thought that I would try to list my top ten favorite types of bread. Yeah… That was an easier said than done kind of thing ....more

Fresh Mint and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

It’s no secret I run a food blog and take care of Andy for a living. In order to have both of these jobs working cohesively, I have to do a bit of juggling. This means cooking while Andy is napping, corralled in the highchair, or under the care and supervision of another person ....more

Cheddar Cranberry Buttermilk Biscuits

Last night, we had Andy’s first birthday party. The kid was all smiles. Sesame Street and Elmo paraphernalia was everywhere ....more

KITCHENAID MIXER GIVEAWAY! (Because I like you guys).

‘Tis the season, right? A group of us food bloggers got together and decided to give away one beautiful, shiny, new stand mixer to one of our loyal and soon to be very lucky readers. I am actually kind of jealous because this mixer is nicer than the one taking up space in my kitchen Continue reading: KITCHENAID MIXER GIVEAWAY! ...more

Andy Turns One and 10 First Year Faves

Is it weird that I still look at Andy and ask myself the question, “Are you real?” Probably, but I do it on a daily basis. Andy dances to a hip hop song, he uses a fork the right way, he starts walking using his little old man walker… These are all instances where my heart just fills with joy and I start asking myself, “Is this real life?” Before we go any further, I need to apologize for my lengthy, wordy, gushy post. On this day one year ago, I was packing up my bags, putting the JJ Cole Bundle Me on the carseat (freaking out at Mike because we always do everything last minute), and feeling every feeling known to mankind all at once as we got ready to head to the hospital ....more

Home-Style Asian Pasta

You know how every once in a while you come to this blog and see me feature a lot of recipes from a cookbook I am obsessed with? For example, last month is was Jessica’s book, Seriously Delish. BTW I am still obsessed with that book for the mac and cheese...more