Between The Breakup and The Divorce: The Truth About Separation

I was standing in the backyard of my mothers house when I told my husband I didn’t want to be married to him any more. It was a couple of days after I had found about about the affair… and a few minutes after he admitted that he had told the girl he had been seeing that he didn’t love me. This was after he told me what he said was true, that he didn’t love me any more.It was a few minutes after my heart had been smashed into a thousand pieces. ...more
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Women and Babies

Making babies is a right of passage for a woman. In past lives we would have gathered together around the birth of a new child. Women coming together to recognise the incredible social and biological transformation that takes place, not in the birth of the child, but in the birth of the mother. It’s a spectacular shift....more

Single Motherhood: The Truth No One Talks About

My husband had an affair, but long before he did this he made choices that kept him away from us. Right from the very beginning. He chose other people, other events, other places over his family. So even though our relationship only broke down two months ago I’ve been functioning as a single parent for about eighty percent of the time that Bo has been alive....more
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