5 Skills Every Great Nanny Actually Needs To Be A Rockstar

Working moms and dads know what a huge challenge finding quality childcare can present. Because each family's situation is unique, every option comes with its own set of pros and cons. Figuring out all the pieces of that puzzle takes into consideration both parents' schedules, desires and vision for what they seek in their child's caretaker. Add to that a mix several unique human personalities and is it any wonder it's so hard to find the right match?...more

How I Knew My Man Would Make An Awesome Dad

I am one very lucky woman. Within the first few months of meeting my husband Andrew, I had an inkling that one day, he would make a really awesome dad.Somehow, it never even crossed my mind to question the fact that our relationship would be a lasting one or that we'd have a family together.How did I know all that? I had solid proof: children and dogs love this man! There's some magical calming and reassuring energy about him that just draws them in--even the ones who don't know him at all....more

An Open Letter To Mothers Who Call Their Babies "Parasites"

Dear Mother Who Calls Her Baby A "Parasite", I saw your comments as I was browsing around the What To Expect forum and they made my skin crawl. My first impulse is to punch you in the face. My second is to say "You don't deserve to be a mother." You see, mothers are supposed to love their babies. Unconditionally. Without limits. Mothers are meant to nurture and protect. Your pregnancy is a miracle of life and not a sequel to the Alien franchise. ...more

Never Thought I'd Be An Elderly Primigravida But Here I Am...

Elderly Primigravida. Sounds kind of intimidating and a little scary. Me, elderly? Common! But that's the category I fall into with my first pregnancy. I was 35 at conception and I'm turning 36 during my pregnancy....more