How I Found Out My Dad Has Cancer

As I get older, 30 next year eeek!, I am fully aware that the time will come for the inevitable "grown-up" issues of dealing with illness & death with immediate family. With my family members being on the "younger" side, (my grandparents are in their early 70's & my parents in their late 40's), I thought I had plenty of time left before I had to start experiencing these issues. Surely my grandparents would be first right? On April 3, 2014, my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 Oral Cancer at the young age of 49. ...more

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Mani Monday: Neve

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Parenting: My Expectations vs. Reality

I don't know if it was because I had horrible dating luck & just gave up on the idea or I truly thought I would be horrible at it, but for the longest time, I was solely career focused & never had the desire to get married or start a family. All through college I worked with the public & then worked as a NICU nurse. I knew people with children & of course interacted with children all of the time. As a single, childless person, I SO ignorantly judged other people's children & their parenting. Boy am I ever paying for that now! ...more

Mani Monday: Polka Party

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