Everyone Has A Breaking Point And Mine Just Split In Half!

The past two weeks have been nothing short of a struggle; a struggle to get up in the morning and a struggle to get through the day. And when I'm not crying from the pain of an abscess/root canal gone awry; I'm crying from the pain in my heart.The same heart that used to make me smile.If there were a way to go back in time and edit my life, I would do so with a colorful marker. I would fill any dark skies with wishes and dreams and wipe away the residue from temperamental storms with the confidence and perseverance that comes with knowing that you're on the right track....more

Child Brutally Beaten While Witness Videotapes The Entire Incident: Brace Yourself... This One Is Hard To Watch!

As I was scrolling the feed of shame on Facebook last night, I stumbled across this video. I must warn you that it is very graphic and would suggest you read my article before watching as the images will continue to linger in your head for quite some time afterward.And I can almost guarantee that you will feel my rage! Click image to read on... ...more

Hooray! Now You Can Support a Good Cause Using Someone ELSE'S Money!

Guess what? There are children out there who need medical attention! Wanna know how you can help them get it... FOR FREE?! Click HERE to read more!...more

Firsthand Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Years ago, I took a trip back down memory lane and spent the night at a friend's house.She was a smoker —a HEAVY smoker!**Click image to read full story**...more

Another Woman Was Beaten In Atlanta And THIS Is How I Feel About It

Enough is enough; I think it's time we change the game and show these boys we mean business!http://bit.ly/NewSuperhero...more

This Is What It's REALLY Like To Have An Only Child!

No Sleep For The Cheery: http://bit.ly/NoSleepForTheCheery...more

This Is What 47 Looks Like

Hmm... Maybe they should change the name to OLDveralls?! Yippee Ki Yay, Mama! http://bit.ly/SassypieholeYippeeKiYay...more

This Is What Happened When My Daughter Chewed An Entire Pack Of Bubble Gum

If they were handing out awards for "Bad Parenting," I might just have a shot at winning...**Click image to read story**...more

What To Do When There Is Nothing To Do And You Have Kids?

Summer just got a WHOLE lot easier thanks to Ivy-Kids**Click image to read review**  ...more

Little Girls Are The Best... Until They Learn How To Talk!

Girls... I feel sorry for those who have more than one! @sassypiehole | You've been warned! #Parenting #Humor **Click image to read on**...more