Baby’s Birth Announcement Ornament

What’s more special than celebrating baby’s first Christmas? Not much. Here’s a fun way to capture the first year for posterity with a baby’s birth announcement ornament for the Christmas tree and years to come ....more

12 Ways to Slow the Holiday Season

How is this holiday season treating you? Well, we hope, but if you could use a little R&R already, here are 12 ways to slow the holiday season down to enjoy the time, not just get through it. Share these with your family and friends to create a season of calm and care ....more

Mini Ice Pack Hack

Are you the type to keep a first aid kit in the car trunk, glove box, your handbag and the kids’ backpacks? Me too! And if you find yourself reaching a little too often for neosporin and a bandaid at the sight of the smallest scratch then this mini ice pack hack was made for you ....more

Kids Curry Chicken Salad

If the idea of your kids enjoying curry chicken salad is laughable, I used to laugh right along with you. Then I combined the kids’ favorite sweet and crunchy ingredients – raisins, grapes and celery – with chicken and mild curry to create a simple curry chicken salad recipe that has both of us loving lunch! Here’s the simple and easy recipe that will make next lunchtime delicious and nutritious ....more

DIY Lace Crown

Will you be entertaining a princess this new year’s eve? Don’t despair about protocol as long as you have this DIY Lace Crown to present to all the little princesses at the new year’s ball, birthday party, tea party or a Tuesday morning. With just a few tools you can create the most fanciful and fun lace crowns for your resident princess, or dare I say queen? ...more

DIY Felt Candy Cane Critters

How about gifting a litter of these felt candy cane critters to the classroom or neighbors this holiday? With just a few supplies you can make fast work of these sweet little ornamental gifts that double on a pencil when the holidays are behind us. Let the kids use their imaginations to create their own newfangled animals or try these classic animals: mouse, cat, lemur (has a striped tail!), puppy, beaver (add a brown flat oval tail) and more ....more

10 Cozy Flannel Crafts

Finally! It’s here. Weather cold enough to toss all those combed or jersey cotton pajamas, pillow cases, slippers and sheets into the linen closet for the season ....more

Flourless Chocolate Cake in a Nutribullet

Need a quick dessert that is sure to delight? Try this gluten free flourless chocolate cake in a Nutribullet or blender that comes together in 5 minutes and bakes in 30. I’m a Nutribullet devotee, slurping down a BKA (banana kale almond) smoothie every morning for the past 6 months and honestly, it has changed my life ....more

DIY Gift Tags from Kids’ Art

Is your current collection of holiday gift tags ho-ho-humdrum? Mine too. My collection amounts to a hodge podge of leftovers from at least three Christmases ....more

DIY Embroidered Felt Advent Calendar

DIY Embroidered Felt Advent Calendar Do live with the LEGO obsessed? Me too! And this year, I wanted to bypass the chocolate Advent Calendar that Grandma sends and preempt the sugar shock with our own DIY Embroidered Felt Advent Calendar featuring daily pieces of LEGO Christmas scenes ....more