Scrap Fabric Nest for Lent

Are you and your family observing Lent this Easter season? We are and I’ve been trying to help the kids find ways to observe this thoughtful and prayerful time during the season without focusing on ‘giving up’. Our message is you don’t give up when things get frustratingn and Lent is not just a season when you give up treats and TV ....more

DIY Kids Shoe Bows

Are your kiddo’s Sunday + Funday...more

Make Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Need a fun and easy DIY Easter treat for the Easter basket? Make Easter egg bath bombs in 10 minutes with 3 ingredients. Here’s what you need to make Easter Egg Bath Bombs: Kitchen scale (I used my 10 pound postal scale) Large glass mixing bowl Spray bottle filled with clean water Rubber gloves ....more

Easter Baby Sock Bunnies

Thinking about Easter baskets and sweet treats for baby and kids this season? Try my Easter baby sock bunnies for an easy sew craft that turns baby’s sweet little socks into a fun toy to enjoy. Here’s what you need to make your Easter Baby Sock Bunnies: Pair baby socks Embroidery needle and floss Scissors Sewing machine or needle and thread Cotton stuffing How to Make Easter Baby Sock Bunnies step 1: cut the foot of sock 1 downthe middle to 1/2″ above the heel ....more

Shamrock Barrette

Even if green’s not her thing, don’t let little miss get pinched with St. Patrick’s Day. Make a shamrock barrette to keep the leprechauns at bay ....more

Introducing Solid Food to Baby: Pantry Checklist

Introducing baby to solid foods is a ride unlike any other! Enjoy the process of sharing new foods, flavors and textures with baby as prescribed by your doctor. Enjoy the journey of discovering what baby loves and what tools you love to use ....more

DIY Tea Bag Sachet

Do your linens smell like they just came off the clothes line? Neither do mine! In fact, I was a little embarrassed when our friends came to stay and realized that our guest sheets that I store in the drawer beneath our IKEA Ektorp pull out bed where a little less than fresh smelling ....more

How to Host a Kids Book Swap

Any chance you’ve read the same bedtime book 30 times in the last week? If you dream in Mo Willems art, it might be time to mix up your kids’ library selection and host a kids book swap. A book swap is a great chance to freshen up your kids picture book and chapter book titles and even get your hands on some fiction and biographies that you’ve had on your reading list ....more

Gluten Free Monster Cookies

Got a hungry little monster on your hands after preschool? Fill her up with this gluten free Monster Cookies recipe featuring peanut butter M&Ms* that just make them a little more special than your standard oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Take one taste and you’ll see why ....more

Eggs on Toast Cookbook Weights

How many times have you struggled to keep a cookbook open only to dirty is up with some oil or flour caked hands? I’ve done this plenty and have always meant to whip up some book weights to help me solve this common problem. Happily, my time has come for Eggs on Toast Cookbook Weights ....more