Silk Flower Hair Clips

Is the snow melting yet at your house? Spring is inching along in Seattle, but to speed up Mama Nature’s annual arrival, we took things into our own hands and made silk flower hair clips for little miss. This easy kids craft is a fun indoor activity that’s bright and festive to get everyone ready for springtime bling ....more

Kids Smoothie Recipe: Smoothie Doobie Doo

Have you introduced Scooby-Doo to your family? I’m not sure how it happened, I blame the library video selection, but junior and little miss picked up a copy of an early Scooby-Doo cartoon and are now obsessed. They love the mysteries and I make sure to watch with them to avoid any fears over the bad guy who I explain is the grumpy neighbor dressed up ....more

Grandma’s Molasses Cookie Recipe

When you need the comfort of home, here’s a classic treat to soothe and satisfy. Try our Grandma’s Molasses Cookie recipe that comes together in 15 minutes and is a great recipe to do with kids. Pantry staples plus vegetable shortening are all you need for these vintage-styled cookies that will have your kitchen smelling like the good old days ....more

5 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Hosting a baby shower this spring or summer? Try these gender neutral baby shower theme ideas featuring sustainable and eco-friendly elements that make hosting them easy and fun. Inspired by sweet themes that evoke cozy nurseries and the great outdoors, our 5 gender neutral baby shower themes can be pulled together using upcycled materials ....more

Kids Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Is your breakfast menu a little tired? I seem to run through 3 to 4 breakfast options that the kids love, but even then feel like I’m not getting enough variation into their most important meal of the day. I try to serve eggs once per weekday, but while little miss loves a big scoop of scrambled eggs, junior shies away from his sister’s favorite meal ....more

Grandma’s Tips to Cure Diaper Rash

Is baby battling persistent diaper rash? Try some of Grandma’s tips to cure diaper rash that are time tested and easy on baby and the environment. Grandma weighed in on these tips to cure diaper rash and while some are old school others are modern and they’re all easy and affordable to help baby feel better when battling a burning bum ....more

Free Satsuma iPhone and Computer Wallpaper

Having fun with watercolors today! Here’s a little Friday treat. Download my Satsuma wallpaper for iPhone (designed to iPhone 5), ipads, laptops and desktops ....more

Make Tissue Paper Easter Grass

Do you have a growing supply of semi-used tissue paper from the holidays and birthday parties? I seem to have every color and creation of tissue paper and figured I’d make tissue paper Easter grass for this Easter holiday. I’ve been crafting up some Easter stuffed bunnies and scrap fabric nests that I want to incorporate into the kids’ Easter baskets so coordinated my tissue paper Easter grass in these colors ....more

Scrap Fabric Nest for Lent

Are you and your family observing Lent this Easter season? We are and I’ve been trying to help the kids find ways to observe this thoughtful and prayerful time during the season without focusing on ‘giving up’. Our message is you don’t give up when things get frustratingn and Lent is not just a season when you give up treats and TV ....more

DIY Kids Shoe Bows

Are your kiddo’s Sunday + Funday...more