Current Craving: Diaper Bags for Dads

Current Craving: Diaper Bags for Dads Lest mom-to-be have all the fun with new gear and gadgets for babies, here's my current craving: diaper bags for dads. There are so many practical and well designed diaper bag solutions that will make dad feel like he's part of the baby game and still maintain his man vibe. Enjoy these diaper bags for dads picks! ...more

5 Decorating Tricks to Help Preschoolers Clean Their Own Rooms

5 Decorating Tricks to Help Preschoolers Clean Their Own Rooms Are you ready for back to school? I'm not! But I am ready on one front ....more

5 Ways to Serene School Day Mornings

Back to school brings all sorts of emotions: excitement for new beginnings and fear of the same. One emotion that runs roughshod through our household is the anxiety that comes from transitioning from easy summer mornings even on camp days to early rising school days. While nowhere near a guarantee, these 5 wasy to serene school day mornings have worked successfully for us....more

Current Craving: Back to School for Baby

One of my favorite types of blog posts for Satsuma Designs is my new Current Craving feature with a nod to pregnant Mommies who may be having wildly changing cravings for food, nesting instincts to stop all other activity and hopefully not too many trips to the loo each night. Here are some sweet treats to crave this Fall. As kiddos get ready to hit the books, baby can look the part and get an A+ in cute! ...more

5 Best Meal Registry Websites

I used to avoid meal registry websites when a friend or family member was expecting a baby as I felt that it took the 'down home', neighborly gesture to a 'cold and technology-driven' place void of warmth and fuzz. but I've since changed my mind and realize that it's so nice and convenient for both new parents and friends and family who want to find ways to help to create a meal and help registry for new parents. Here are the 5 best meal registry website to create a meal train for new parents to enjoy while they get to know their little angel ....more

7 Best Organic Baby Food Blogs

Why check out the 7 best organic baby food blogs? We've all heard the organic versus conventional food debate and it does seem wise to avoid the conventionally grown dirty dozen fruits and vegetables, but when it comes to feeding your baby and family is organic really better?...more

10 Things to Do Before Baby Comes

There's no end to the writings, books and advice on what to do once baby does arrive, but here are 10 Things to Do Before Baby Comes. Read along for an easy checklist of items to do that will make welcoming baby home a breeze. 10 Things to Do Before Baby Comes 1 ....more

Best Freezer Meals for New Parents

If there was one thing that stuck out in the post-delivery fog after bringing baby home, it was the grateful feeling my husband and I had for dinner deliveries from friends and family. I had put a few recipes in the freezer in advance to bringing baby home, but wasn't prepared for the constant care that baby required and how uninterested I would be in cooking! And I'll always be grateful for the Honey Baked Ham my parents sent ....more

Cool Summer Baby Shower Ideas to Help Mom-To-Be Beat the Heat

I loved having my first baby in the summertime and aside from memories of welcoming him home, I'll never forget the heat of that summer as a pregnant woman - too hot! If you're planning a baby shower for a loved one, let me suggest a cool weather-inspired theme to keep her mind and body comfortable to enjoy the love of friends and family. Here are some fun and easy DIY or store-bought...more