Toilet Paper Tube Napkin Rings

Are you the type of person who takes a theme a little too far? Tells a joke a few too many times? Laughs a bit too long at your own funnies? ...more

DIY Malt Ball Necklace #GoHawks

12th Fans! It’s time to play with your food! Grab a package or two of Malted Beast Sweets at your local Metropolitan Market or favorite candy shop to thread this DIY Malt Ball Necklace for Super Bowl Sunday ....more

Game Day Vegetarian Nachos

There’s nothing like the excitement that comes with the Big Game and the prospect of a WIN. This year my (our? their?) Seattle Seahawks are facing the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl 49 Championship Game ....more

Kale Basil Pesto

How many times per week do you feed your kiddos’ pasta for dinner? I average twice; one night is...more

The Secret to Crispy Kale Revealed

Watch this to keep your green smoothies tasting fresh and delicious all week long! My secret to crispy kale is revealed here by Satsuma Designs. Try these yummy recipes with your crispy and fresh kale this week ....more

Pink Strawberry Rice Krispie Treats

Are you planning your kids’ Valentine’s Day classroom parties? Me too! I love helping out with party planning and hosting when these holidays roll around, but will confess that it feels like the Christmas decorations were just put away ....more

Palm Beach Baby Collection: Spring 2015 from Satsuma Designs

Care for an umbrella with that sippy cup? This spring baby will love being bundled up and off to the beach in soft organic cotton jersey essentials from Satsuma Designs. Soft hats, scratch mittens and bibs in brights are just of the few pieces in our Spring 2015 collection ....more

DIY Embroidered Baby Hat

Valentine’s Day might traditionally be reserved for lovers, but if you want to show the person who taught you a new kind of love, you’ll be gifting your sweet baby (or a baby you know!) with a special Valentine this February 14th. Try our DIY Embroidered Baby Hat project for an easy, heirloom quality gift that will keep baby cozy and warm this winter. Share your favorite baby nickname with the world or a sweet...more

DIY Hair Bow Storage Doll

Where do your creative ideas usually come from? This DIY hair bow storage doll project really got me thinking about where I draw my ideas. In this case, the idea germinated from a pair of my husband’s worn out corduroy pants that looked irresistible for crafting and the overflowing tin of hair bows in the kids’ bathroom ....more

Add Sock Pockets to Leggings

Do you ever find your creative, heart-filled craft projects overlooked by your partner in life? I’m afraid I do. My husband is incredibly supportive, but he just doesn’t seem to notice some of the fun things I do for the family when it comes to decor, upcycling and crafting ....more