…but No Broken Bones, Cuts, Bruises or Blood should mean I am Fine…

Ok, I realized I abruptly closed after my recap of all my child hood injuries. The point I hoped to make, if I cannot see a physical sign of injury to my body then nothing must be wrong. So many people think along these lines. If you are one of these people we may share a similar work ethic. Never enough time in the day, always shaking and moving to close the next deal, make it to a meeting, conference call, no lunch (what’s lunch?). We never stop. We thrive at work....more

The day I Lied to my Doctor was the day I Scheduled my Train Wreck

I received a thought provoking call from a very close girlfriend last night who I will call Lisa.  Actually, she left a message. She lives in the geographic region of the country I quickly abandoned shortly after my train wreck mid 2009.  In Lisa’s voice mail message she said her brother is experiencing an enormous amount of stress on his job and she wanted to know what he needs to do to get a stress leave from work. I know why Lisa reached out to me....more
Hi Denise, I am trying to upload another blog and it did the same as last evening - defaulted to ...more

Fighting to Reclaim my Life from the Darkness

I am going to use this blog as my outlet. I think I have done a good job creating enough layers I need to stay hidden from family and friends. No one will know it is me because I know it is best this way. No awkward silences. No embarrassment or shame cast on unsuspecting souls. No dodging phone calls from me, which I find comical, because I don’t call anyway. I deleted family and local friends from my face book account months ago. Talk about disappearing acts. Call me Houdini. Now you see me, now you don’t....more