How to Save Money on Natural and Organic Beauty Products

Jess is sharing ways to get organic makeup and beauty products at lower costs. ...more

18 Healthy Portable Snacks for Teens and Tweens

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Triple Cherry Pie Recipe

I live in Washington state. For many people that means that our biggest harvest is apples, but something else Washington is known for is cherries, especially of the Rainier type. Rainier cherries were actually developed in the state of Washington in the 50’s and are a cross between Bing and Van Cherries ....more

FamilySearch’s Worldwide Indexing Event July 15-17

I really enjoy learning about my ancestry. It is so amazing to find out where your roots lie and what the people who came before you enjoyed doing, where they lived and how they worked. It gives you great insight into what shaped you and who you are ....more

Do You Know What’s in Your Food? #KnowYourYogurt

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Get Back to Nature on a Boat

It’s no surprise that I love nature. Being someone who enjoys living as natural as possible in my every day life, being in nature itself is truly what I long for. I was raised in Montana and this meant we spent lots of time on lakes ....more

DIY Gemstone Soap Amethyst

I was so excited when I first saw these gemstone soaps available at my local farmer’s market a few weeks back. Being a rock hound, and a person who loves DIY projects, I decided to embark on trying to make them myself. The first attempt was a failure as I just swirled some color in and placed it in molds ....more

DIY: How to Restore Your Wood Cutting Boards

I don’t know about you, but I love a new wood cutting board. That first time you use it is quite an experience, but it soon starts to look dull, lifeless. Before you know it, it has started to loose its luster and lack it’s charm ....more

How to Teach Your Child to Love Nature

Samantha is sharing tips on how to teach your child to love nature. I grew up in Montana and nature was and still is a big part of my life then and now. ...more

What Food Banks Really Need

The time when most people donate to food banks is usually around the holidays, but food banks need things all year long because hunger and financial issues are not a problem only during Christmas and actually, donation slow way down this time of year. By March or April, food banks have already run out of all the donations they got during the holiday season, too. And if you ask food banks what they really need, they will tell you it’s often what people don’t think of to donate ....more