How I Use Instagram to Save Money and Find Deals

 If you aren’t on Instagram yet, now is a great time to join. Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media sites right now… and it is also very useful to help you in your journey to save money!What is Instagram?Did you know you can save money with Instagram? Instagram also doesn’t filter your feed like Facebook does. You will see everything, from everyone you follow. Facebook filters what you see — even you “Like” a brand, you still won’t see their updates in your newsfeed....more

Nana's Easter Cheesecake

Nana's Cheesecake is famous, everyone loves it. She said I could share the recipe with all of you, so here it is!  Ingredients: Crust:1 c. flour1/4 c. sugar1 tsp. lemon peel1/2 cup oleo (margarine)1 slightly beaten egg1/4 tsp....more

50+ Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

 Here are 50+ fun, non-candy Easter ideas for girls!1. Coloring books 2. Crayons3. Bath crayons4. Bath toys5. Dolls6. Sidewalk Chalk7. Bubbles8. Fun kids’ character toothbrush9. Dr. Seuss books10. Finger puppets11. Sunglasses12. Slinky13. Stuffed animal14. Water color paints and brushes15. Painting smock...more

50+ Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

Here are over 50+ Easter basket ideas for boys! ...more

14 Ways You Can Save Money at Amazon

[Editor's Note: Want to let your keyboard do the shopping this holiday season? Check out these great tips for saving at Amazon.]...more

7 Ways to Make Holiday Cash

 Gifts, trips, parties … this time of year, it’s time to start thinking about paying for the holidays. Here are some creative holiday jobs to make some money and have fun!Party PlannerDo you love to plan parties? If so, consider planning a party for someone. Start out small: less than 50 people and see how it goes. Being a party planner would consist of sending out invites, keeping track of RSVPs, hiring the caterer, helping your client plan the menu, etc. It may also include being at the event to make sure things are running smoothly....more


HOT! Target's New Holiday Deals

Here is a sneak peek @ Target's new holiday plan! Highlights: ...more

8 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, you are missing out! Just like old-school scrapbooks, Pinterest is a place to organize online images you find interesting or inspiring by creating customized, themed boards. It is a lot of fun, but once you’ve gotten down the basics, you'll need to start focusing on your interactions on this social media site.  Here is how to find more followers! ...more
Good tips. I wasn't aware of "rich pins".more

6 Amazing Ways to Save at Ikea

 I love IKEA, as many of you do, too! I wanted to share some savings secrets with you:1. One of my fave places to check out is the “as-is” room for discounted, preassembled products. The items in this room were either returned, used as display products or slightly damaged. They’re all at really great prices....more