From Fashionista to Recessionista

I'm a Recessionista. Tyra is a Recessionista.  Are you?Newsworthy terms:  Crashing stock market, rising gas prices, increasing anxiety, tight budget, mortgage crisis.  And now a new one: Recessionista ...more

What Does God Want Anyway? (For singles)

I keep hearing that God has a plan for my life. Excuse me, but am I the only Christian who has doubts about what God is thinking or conspiring for my life? Why is it that plans have changed for so many of us? ...more

It's In His Kiss


Love this post! My favorite topic. ;)



Sex and the Single Christian--Can't Get No Satisfaction

Shame on you Miss Becky Sue!! It turns out my friend Becky Sue was awfully naughty. If she hadn't been drinking at the beach, she might not have done what she did. But I wonder if we are all being set up for making the same stupid mistakes. ...more

Having sex before a relationship or not having sex before a relationship - neither determines ...more