Canvassing Cuban Tile

By Saxon Henry   When the Marquis de Cuevas and his wife Margaret Strong—thegranddaughter of John D. Rockefeller—bought Villa el Bravo, a circa-1930 PalmBeach home designed by John Volk, they summarily ripped up the chipped Cubantile floors in several rooms to prepare for Rudolf Nureyev’s visit, replacingthe tile with white travertine marble to give the dancer a smooth surface onwhich to dance.   ...more

Ravenous for Retro

Check out the chrome, the colors, the boxy lines…were DonnaReed alive and well, you might expect to find her planted in one of thesekitchens admonishing, mind your manners, drink your milk, marry a doctor! ...more

The Fine Art of Nesting

                        by Saxon Henry  Since March is the month that Nature begins nesting, Iwanted to share with you the great breadth of knowledge of a veritable linenencyclopedia, Fabrizio Biasiolo, owner of Casa del Bianco. After all, there’snothing more comforting than a well-made bed.   Selecting and Buying Linens   ...more

Design with Heart

by Saxon Henry  ...more

Divine Disposables

During the past 25 years, Janyce Granoff has made it herbusiness to track the growing choices in artfully designed disposabletableware. As a merchandiser in the disposable catering supplies and weddingproducts industry, she has always had a special place in her heart forbrides-to-be. But two years ago, the executive was galvanized into action ontheir behalf after reading a column in a bridal magazine.   ...more

Swatch Your Furniture!

Due in part to visionaries like David Serrano and RobertWilson, who have been offering furniture in any color that Benjamin Mooreproduces through their shop Downtown in Los Angeles for the past 11 years,furniture has become bolder and more beautiful. With his imagination as hisguide, Serrano pioneered a process that seals the furniture after it’s painted,protecting it and bringing it a lacquered gleam. ...more

Blame it on Rio?

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it’s closets.” Were she still alive, Ornare’s closets would likely make the iconic actress swoon! The Brazilian company that migrated from South America to Miami is known for its exceptional detailing and luxurious appointments. A stroll through the Miami showroom brings great sensory pleasure. There’s something about the sleekly polished woods, which have managed to retain their textural personalities, combined with a peppering of undulant furniture that creates an air of allure. ...more

Hot Picks for 2009 for Vintage and Modern Fans

Bill Indursky and Chris Sansbury, co-owners of Vintage and Modern, a comprehensive on-line marketplace for antiques, modern furnishings, art and jewelry, make their predictions for the hottest finds for 2009. ...more

A Source for Furnishings with Far-flung Flair

Inzamia—pronounced in-zá-mia—is as striking a mixture of syllables as the shop is an exotic assortment of furnishings from three different continents. The name, which was coined by the owners, brothers Sachin and Bhavin Dhupelia, pays homage to the places they have called home—India, South Africa and Miami. ...more

No House is Too Ugly to Save

James Stuart Duncan, a columnist on my ezine,, wrote this piece for the December/January issue. It's online now and I think the message is important given all of the "tear-downs" I see in home renovations. If you want to see before and after photos, and they are quite revealing, go to the address at the end of the piece... ...more