Summer Salad and an invitation

It’s been hot around here.  Like mid-august muggy hot.  The kind of hot where your brain feels all sluggish and you don’t want to do anything but jump in ice water.  I’m not sure I’m ready for summer quite yet, but I am ready to eat my favorite summer salad.  ...more

Childhood Adventures: The Wilderness of Oregon

Editor's Note: At the urging of her father, a woman reflects on her childhood memories and one in particular, came roaring back. --HeatherOne summer, when I was 11, my dad had the crazy idea that it would be really fun to go and spend 5 weeks in the wilderness of Oregon and try our hand at building a log cabin.  And then, since we didn’t quit finish this “cabin” we went back for another summer adventure two years later....more

wisdom from my mother

I got to spend Mother’s Day with this lady.  I think she may be my favorite person in the world.  A living motherhood legend, and somehow I got to be her daughter ....more

Happy Mother’s Day! (and a give away)

  Hello blog world.  Happy Mother’s Day.  I’ve been slightly absent lately because life has been, well, life.  And I’ve been busy mothering, and wifeing and trying to figure out life.  And though I don’t have it figured out yet, It’s been a nice little break.   Now I’m hoping that I’m back.  I need to document all that has been happening in our little life.  It makes me feel sane to some of motherhood, my life’s work, solidified somewhere ....more

Happy Easter 2013

Happy Easter (yesterday). It was quite a holy week, as in holy cow, that was exhausting.   Exhausting but still lit with glory tucked into little moments as we paused each day to remember the great and glorious Easter miracle. ...more

San Diego Days 1 and 2

We’re deep into Easter Week around here, so I figured I better get our February break to San Diego documented before Easter bombards us.  (I still haven’t blogged Thanksgiving….I guess that’s just how I roll around here.  Better late than never?) ...more

peter growing up.

Here are some real birthday pictures for my big 2 year old.  They represent who this little light is so much better than those blurry birthday ones from the last post. ...more

Peter is 2!

Our baby turned 2 today and i swear he grew by leaps and bounds as we all doted over him all day.  He woke up a one year old and went to bed two.  ...more

Flying Lessons

Over February break we spent 6 glorious days together as a family in San Diego.  I spent the last week of January pining to get out of our snowy winter prison and stumbled upon very inexpensive tickets to sunny SD, where one of my favorite brothers and h ...more