Preschool Stories: Snot

I am ironically the only preschool teacher that has an issue with snot. Apparently I am also the only teacher that is not grossed out by everything else. If there is a bug in the class, I have to escort it outside. If there is projectile vomit onto a classmate’s lunch, I fight the infected food away from him and clean the mess. I’m quick. I’m efficient. I seldom  make  squeaky noises. Unless there’s snot....more

Hobbies and Battling Stress

Some people have specific habits that they rely on to battle stress....more

Muslims and Capoeira

This post was originally on my site: All Around Ana It’s interesting how much/little we at different times  have to defend/validate/define our actions. I suppose the good in it is that we are constantly renewing and reevaluating our intentions for the things we choose to commit to. Our actions are always in question and that has it’s benefits....more