The 30 Question Beauty Tag!

I saved this tag many months ago, and...more

My Sephora Holiday Mini Haul

Note: Post includes affiliate links. Wow, life with a newborn is no joke! It only took me close to three weeks to write this post ....more

Should have brought

Blankets Pillows Slippers ...more

My first week of motherhood

Long time no see! I knew it would be tough to find time to write, but it was way harder than I thought. I’m literally blogging from my phone right now, with the baby in my left arm and the phone in my right ....more

Sausage Biscuit Casserole with Johnsonville Sausage!

We love omelettes at my house. LOVE them. Most weekends, we’re chopping veggies and trying to construct beautiful semi-circles, then failing, and then turning them into egg scrambles ....more

2016 Personal Goals

I’m staying away from the word resolution because it almost guarantees that I’ll fail. Family I want to really enjoy and embrace family time. I don’t think I brush it off or take it carelessly, but I’d like to make sure I really absorb those moments ....more

Using my stash while I can..

I’m officially nesting. And ya know what I’ve added to the cleaning, organizing and planning? Wanting to use all of the makeup I own....more

Packing my hospital bag

It’s getting real around here, y’all! As of today, my baby boy will be born this month. I can’t tell you how excited I am! ...more

Black Friday Beauty, Fashion and Home Deals

Check back for new additions daily! Jump under the cut for deals....more