Cat on bike trail

Visible bike! Biking through the forest! Big wheeled bike! Orange cat named Horace! He was a poet! He wrote odes! Some kind of poets! Bike down the roads! Bike to the store! Buy some treats! The kitty-cat store! Where they sell only meats! Meats and mouses! Mouses are good! But tell you what—mouses.... Can't beat a bike ride through the wild and scary woods! ...more

Winter, schminter

Oh, woeful winter, bane of bicyclists everywhere on Earth. All right, that last bit definitely isn't true*. But here, here, where the cold germs seem to be getting more resistant and the temperature is by no means Arctic but is still formidable, yes, I think winter in the Piedmont can be called a bane. A pain. A small incentive not to ride, which on some days is all it takes, and then there's habit, and etc. ...more

Biking with instruments

In college, I took guitar lessons for a brief time. I had a Washburn dreadnought* with a big, clunky hard case, and I had a beach bike I adored, named the Black Cadillac after the Lightnin Hopkins song. It even had whitewall tires, this bike. It was a good one. ...more

Duck on bike!

A friend of mine has been very excited, and with good reason, about Duck on Bike, a most excellent contraption which one can buy for a very reasonable sum at Balloons and Tunes in Carrboro, NC. I too am excited, for back when I wasn't such a biker, I had a duck . Read more at More Miles Per Gal. ...more

Bike-bus meme

This post comes to us courtesy of the good old English language, whose ambiguity in certain cases of nouns-used-as-adjectives has created a plethora of ideas for one simple phrase. Here are some of them: A bizarre idea from Brazil (which effectively eliminates all the carbon-offset of riding a bike, but hey) ... [Read more at More Miles Per Gal!] ...more