It's Not For Attention

"She just dresses/gets tattoos/wears her hair that way to get attention."I've heard it.  You've heard it.  And I'll look at the subject of that phrase, and all I usually ever see is a woman minding her own business, going on with her life and being who she is.  I look her over and always think, "I wish I were her."  ...more
It's funny, my old blog post is in the links below...midlife and tattoos. Be you. Whatever that ...more

Precious Poisons

 At first glance, my grandfather still looked strong and healthy. He was smiling and sitting on his porch enjoying the warm air. Then he started coughing. I noticed the way he wheezed and how his head pulled back with every intake of breath. A month later, he succumbed to the lung cancer....more
You know what?  I miss my blogging community most days.  *inhales deeply* I LOVE YOU GUYS.more

Don't Make Me Feel

My grandfather is dying of lung cancer.He's a tough old fella, but with more than 70 years under his belt, he's not winning.  ...more
I'm so sorry. And yes, you're a good granddaughter.more

The Three Crosses

This post was originally posted on Merry Wife of Canon on November 8, 2010....more

(PHOTOS) Here's My Post-Partum Body: No Fear. No Regrets.

My truth is that my body never returned to what it was pre-baby. My truth is that my stretch marks were not minimal and the stretched skin never really puckered back up. My truth is that my belly button will always look a little weird and wrinkly now. My truth is that there will always be a bit of a lip at the bottom of my stomach from where the loose skin hangs, thanks to either C-sections or very large babies. I wanted to post pictures of my truth to show that I have no regrets concerning this truth. I have no fear of it. ...more
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This piece is absolutely wonderful.  While I bounced back ...more

We Need to Talk

Yesterday I noticed a lot of the people that I follow on Twitter tweeting with the hashtag #tweetyour16yearoldself.  I tried all day to think of one small thing to say to my former self and couldn’t think of only one that was good enough.  My 16 year-old self and I need to have a sit down and say more than 140 characters can hold. Dear 16 year-old me,...more

The Other Side of the Fence (Life After Bankruptcy)

I think that it’s a big thing that I can say that Jessie and I never fight about money.  When things are tight and we are stressed about how we are going to make our money stretch, we are able to sit and talk it out without fighting about it.  This is a part of my marriage that makes me very proud. Oh, it wasn’t always like that.  We had to do a trial by fire to learn how to calm the hell down where money was concerned.  We learned young, and we learned hard....more

Thank you for sharing your story. I'm there. I'm coming out with it that I plan to file myself ...more

I Made a Personalized Agenda for BlogHer '10 and So Can You!

     Today I set out to make out my schedule for the BlogHer '10 Conference.  With so much going on at the conference and with my being a conference newb, it was a must that I have a schedule laid out for me.  Yes, you will see me carrying this schedule at the conference.  Yes, you will see me with a highlighter marking off the session I just left.  I'm just like that. ...more

Really great sessions (the body image one last year rocked my world) and learned awesome things ...more

A Wife and a Mom, But Still a Woman

If you want to witness Jessie and I get into a sour and ugly argument, watch the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” with us.  We watched it together a few months ago and all we did the entire time was discuss/bicker about the underlying main plot of the movie.  No, the main plot has very little to do with that weird upper class sex club.  The plot has everything to do with Tom Cruise’s character’s reality about his wife’s identity crashing and burning after her revealing to him an intense desire to be with another man....more

Crikey, I didn't realize how that came off. I'm taking it out RIGHT NOW.
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More Self Esteem While Pregnant? You Betcha!

I’m about halfway through this pregnancy.  Aside from the whole sickness thing, the fact that I don’t really like my doctor thing, the overly sensitive nipples thing, the leaking boobs thing, and the fact that my back is already starting to kill me, I feel pretty good!...more

During and after my second pregnancy, I really felt as if I'd come into my own, as related to my ...more