4 Things I Can’t Get Enough Of: Back to School 2014 Edition

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Dinner in a Flash: 7 Recipes for 15-Minute Dinners

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Blueberry White Chocolate Buttermilk Pancakes

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Baked Garlic Dill Arctic Char

This simple, but flavorful, Baked Garlic Dill Arctic Char recipe is a quick and easy recipe. Serve it with a tossed salad to complete this meal. My dear friend Cate has always told me to “work smarter, not harder,” and I usually heed that advice — except when I don’t ....more

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya

This easy slow cooker recipe for Easy Slow Cooker Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya is a family favorite that’s perfect for busy families who enjoy delicious meals. To make it extra easy, prep the veggies ahead of time so you can toss it all in the slow cooker and go. This recipe was created for my client, UNCLE BEN’S®, but all opinions are my own ....more

Banana Berry Cookie Milkshakes

Surprising your kids has never been easier. With just three ingredients, these Banana Berry Cookie Milkshake are a chilly blend of fruit, ice cream and creamer. I am a paid brand ambassador for International Delight, but all opinions are my own ....more

Roasted Beet and Fresh Mozzarella Salads

Sweet roasted beets, creamy fresh mozzarella cheese and rich balsamic vinegar come together in this quick and easy recipe for Roasted Beet and Fresh Mozzarella Salads. “Mommy, tomorrow after camp can we pick up Goldfish for a snack?” Paige asked the other night as we sat down to dinner. I agreed with a smile, mentally calculating which store we’d need to stop at to make it happen ....more

7 Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Breast Recipes for Busy Back to School Nights

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Rosewater Scented Banana White Chocolate Muffins

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Open-Face Ham, Cambozola and Egg Breakfast Sandwich with Basil

Creamy, sharp Cambozola cheese combines with smoky Jones Dairy Farm ham, sweet basil and runny eggs for a delicious breakfast sandwich. This recipe was created for my client Jones Dairy Farm but all opinions are my own. On my first night in Maine — hours after I signed my lease and got my keys — I stood in my furniture-less kitchen eating fancy ramen straight from the pot I’d cooked it in ....more