Targets of Hate: Why We Can't Just Let Bullying Go

Back in March, my son -- a sweet, soft-hearted, slightly nerdy, computer whiz who always looks out for the underdog -- became a target of bullies. For reasons unknown to our family, three teenagers that were once his friends concocted a story so bizarre that when their parent called us, we were confused. Surely they are talking about someone else? They accused my son of plotting to kill their mother on a Friday, involved the police, social workers, and their parents, then went to school on a Monday and laughed in his face....more
I'm so sorry about what you've had to endure.  I've been through my fair share of powerlessness ...more

The Fight Against Child Abuse Takes More Than An Avatar

The blogging community is powerful -- we've done amazing things. While social media has helped us come together, we need to remember that the real magic happens when we step away from the virtual and make things tangible because the truth is, abused kids don't care about your Facebook status. They are looking for a safe place to sleep, a hot meal, clean clothes, and someone who will pay attention to them. ...more

I completely respect and see your view. I just look at it a different way. If one of the 1.25 ...more

Jamie Oliver and Taking A Stand for Healthy Lunches

Later on that evening Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution was on TV. Now -- you may say that Jamie Oliver is a bit crazy; who does this guy think he is, coming over to America and telling people how to eat? Why does he care? Why should anyone listen to him, anyway? Does it really matter that 31 million children participate in the USDA’s school lunch program and 11 million in the breakfast program? Or that many of those kids are consuming up to half of their daily calories at school? He kicked the leg of the desk noisily as I squatted down to look him in the eye. ...more
@theoutcast I'm not sure if the fact that he is male makes a difference. I think more that he ...more