Sing It Out! Tunage

It’s one of those days, friends....more

A Letter to all TSA Officers

Dear TSA officers, We need to talk. Things have gone very sour between us and I think you need to dramatically reconsider your customer service. You are all unnaturally angry all the time ....more

Practicing Love

Every now and then my dad will unearth an artifact from my childhood....more

Bloggers Give Advice to their Younger Selves (Sites Worth Their Salt)

One of the best things in life is that we learn...more

Favorite Peach Pie

I wait anxiously all summer for the peaches to come on. ...more

Painted Bookcase Project

Several years ago I bought a very simple glass front bookcase at an auction. ...more

Plum Hand Pies

This was the year that every variety of fruit seemed to produce beautifully. ...more

The Timeline Project – Goal Setting

We don’t reserve January as the only time to set goals. ...more

Paper Rosette Gift Topper

While shopping for a wedding gift I was thinking about how I would wrap the present. ...more