Ballin’ on a Budget (aka Cheap Dates)

If you’re anything like me and my man, you’re broke. It’s not easy finding fun activities and things to do on dates that aren’t expensive. Often this leads to Netflix binging on shows like Trailer Park Boys while eating Pad Thai, and it’s not pretty ....more

Wildly Wonderful Woman, Lakeitha

This week we’re featuring Wildly Wonderful Woman, Lakeitha Duncan. ...more

Delicious Plum Blueberry Galette

I might not bother to make pie crust ever again. Why? Because I made my first galette and I’m converted ....more

The Quest for All Natural Deodorant that Doesn’t Suck

I’ve been on a quest for an all natural deodorant that doesn’t suck. As you might have seen in my post, All Natural Products I Don’t Think Suck, I’ve been making a major life switch to natural products and in my opinion, most of them are awful. I’ve been hopeful about deodorant because my boyfriend, a very tall, athletic, 20-something man uses natural deodorant and he only rarely starts smelling funky ....more

Sunday Sentiment {24 – the one about pure possibility}

The post Sunday Sentiment {24 – the one about pure possibility} appeared first on Salt Lick Lessons ....more

Homemade Popsicle Palooza

A popsicle is nothing more than flavored ice on a stick, isn’t it? Wrong. A popsicle is a delicious, refreshing, taste-a-palooza, created to cool you down and light you up on a hot summer day ....more

Fill Your Life With the People Who Matter

I have a few friends who I think are amazing people. Well, to be clear, all my friends are amazing people (duh) but there are a few who demonstrate what it really means to be comfortable in their own skin and I’ve always admired that. These friends I’m thinking of–they’re smart, funny, strong, busy, stylin’ and pretty, and they’re also tons of fun to be around ....more

Sunday Sentiment {23 – the one about the little moments}

The post Sunday Sentiment {23 – the one about the little moments} appeared first on Salt Lick Lessons ....more

Zingy Grapefruit Kombucha Cocktail

I was introduced to Kombucha about five years ago and curled my nose up at it. It wasn’t my thing and I said at the time that I figured it was an acquired taste. Since then, I’ve tried different types and I don’t know if it’s getting better or my tastes are changing because I don’t mind it anymore ....more

How Your Ego Limits Your Relationships

Every time (I swear, every time) Leif and I are outside at night with a clear sky, I tease him by singing Moby’s “We Are All Made of Stars”. I do that because he can’t seem to look at the stars without marveling about the physics of things–how we’re all the same energy, made of the same stuff, all connected. Beyond the physicists, the philosophers and optimists would say that if this is so, then we should love everyone—or at least be loving to everyone ....more