Emily Kate at 1 Month

So I'm a little behind on blogging, what else is new? ...more

I'm Going to Target

This girl just cracks me up. Please can she always stay this cute and funny.. ....more

Caroline at 2

2 years ago I was holding this precious bundle in my arms for the first time. Now fast forward a mere 2 years and I'm having conversations with her about all kinds of things and seeing her little self develop into a sweet heart of a little girl. Fast forward 2 years from the day she was born and I'm holding a new tiny baby girl- just a month old in my arms ....more

Family Pictures

We were suppose to get family photos taken last spring. I ended up finding out I was pregnant right before our scheduled session and was so glad I hadn't quite hit the morning sickness point yet so I could look happy in our photos...not like I was about to pass out haha. But there was an unexpected glitch with the photographer's SD card and all the images from our session were lost ....more

No More Paci

It's official...we are no more paci around this house! I seriously thought she'd still be sucking on that darn piece of plastic rubber baby crack till she went to middle school. You see, I have a total love/hate relationship with the paci ....more

My (Second Time Around) Pregnancy Essentials List

I'm not one to buy into the idea that pregnancy and baby days require gobs and gobs of new accessories. Whether it's pregnancy or raising baby I try to keep things simple. I mean, have you seen that registry check list baby stores give expectant moms when you register? ...more

Caroline at Somewhere Around 21 Months or Something Like That

I've officially moved onto mom with more than one child status. I've completely lost track of how old Caroline is in months and she's less than two years old. I also usually can't remember exactly how far along in my pregnancy with Emily Kate I am so I guesstimate when asked....more

Caroline's Birth Story On PNMag.com

A couple months ago I was approached by a sweet gal over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine about featuring Caroline's Birth Story on the website. I was flattered they found my blog and read my post on Caroline's birth. Someone besides Grammy and my husband reads my blog ....more

Bald Head Island 2014

For the last five summers we've spent a week at Bald Head Island thanks to the generous hospitality of a colleague of the hubby's who owns a house there. There is just something about Bald Head Island that sets it apart. It's so quiet, so secluded ....more

Bathing Beauty

As summer approached I was excited for Caroline to wear her little swimsuit. I had bought it the previous fall (on clearance in October for $3 I think it was $25 originally? I love a good sale) ....more