My Happy Girl

Being greeted by this happy smile every morning is just about as good as it gets. Coffee doesn't stand a chance to the energy that this little light gives me with her grins ....more

Throwback Thursday

Summer '14 at the RDU Observation Deck ...more

Throwback Thursday

Summer '14 ...more

Caroline Lately

Caroline, what vibrance you add to my life. You keep me on my toes and delight me with your imagination and sweet spirit all at the same time. Our days are so busy ....more

Throwback Thursday

Summer '14 at The Museum of Life & Sciences ...more

Emily Kate at 2 Months

Emily Kate, you are a joy to my soul. Your baby days are flying by, yet at the same time it feels like you've always been a part of our lives. I'm treasuring the babyhood so much more this time around because I know how quickly you'll grow and change ....more

Emily Kate at 1 Month

So I'm a little behind on blogging, what else is new? ...more

I'm Going to Target

This girl just cracks me up. Please can she always stay this cute and funny.. ....more

Caroline at 2

2 years ago I was holding this precious bundle in my arms for the first time. Now fast forward a mere 2 years and I'm having conversations with her about all kinds of things and seeing her little self develop into a sweet heart of a little girl. Fast forward 2 years from the day she was born and I'm holding a new tiny baby girl- just a month old in my arms ....more

Family Pictures

We were suppose to get family photos taken last spring. I ended up finding out I was pregnant right before our scheduled session and was so glad I hadn't quite hit the morning sickness point yet so I could look happy in our photos...not like I was about to pass out haha. But there was an unexpected glitch with the photographer's SD card and all the images from our session were lost ....more