Day 20: From “Slow Learner” to World Changer. A Peek at Thomas Edison.

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Thomas Edison? That’s what I thought. All of us ....more

Day 19: Learning to Take a One-Day Rest from Worry

You may not have noticed but my Sunday posts offer a message of rest. Practicing...more

Day 18: A wise word for your weekend

When we encounter ignorance — others’ our our own — may truth show up with grace and love. May our privilege not corrupt our compassion. And may we learn from the intelligent others...more

Day 17. God Uses It All: A Case Study of Moses’s Education

To read Part 1, go here. ///// We love a story like Moses’s — A baby born into humble beginnings...more

Day 16: Case Study — Moses {Part 1}

Yesterday was the brief introduction to today’s post. It’s useful to learn about the educational paths of others, particularly those in history who have been people of influence. How did their education prepare them? ...more

Day 14: When Hardship is Fertile Ground for a Brighter Future

Yesterday morning I listened to a story on NPR on my rainy drive...more

Day 13: TWO simple ways to do school {and life} on purpose.

Yesterday I talked about resting wherever you are. “Rest” is a really a state of mind, a state of peace, trust, and gratitude even when circumstances aren’t the way you want them to look. Today is a continuation of that message ....more

Day 12: How to Rest Right Where You Are

Maybe your mind won’t step whirring about next year....more

Day 11: Reads, Series Recap, and Soup

Happy Saturday, friends! I’m under the weather today and my brain feels a lot like my body. So, here’s what I’m reading and a recap of the series so far ....more