How to Give Thanks for Your REAL {messy * beautiful * laughable * sorrowful * honest * hopeful} LIFE

I have a six-year-old friend in the first grade class where I work each morning. She is a real-life caricature of a Disney princess, minus the ball gown...more

A Tale of Two Soldiers

I’m here today because two young soldiers, against all odds, returned home from World War II seventy...more

5 Things I Learned in October

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When Pancakes are Passengers in Your Minivan. 10 Things to Know When Life is Cray Cray.

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Living in the Place Between Dreams Come True & Dreams That Aren’t Yet

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Treat Yourself: Summer Before School Starts Edition

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“For the Love.” A Pep Talk and a Giveaway.

When I was a kid I often heard my mom refer to Erma Bombeck as her “matron saint of motherhood.” I didn’t know what any of that meant way back then, only that Ms. Bombeck was some sort of role model for my mom. Recently...more

6 Things I Learned in July

1. Jim Gaffigan is on Instagram. This isn’t news but I just started following him ....more