What I Learned This Summer

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Are you stressed about how to educate your kids? Let me help.

It’s the first week of August and Target has me all heart-eye emoji over back-to-school supplies. Is it just me or do school supplies get cuter every year? Getting everything in order for a new school year ushers...more

Treat Yourself / Weekend Links: Makeover Edition

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My Top 5 Favorite Literary Novels Ever

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How to Receive Your Own Summer Life

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For the Mom Who Has a Complicated Relationship With Summer: 5 Lazy Tips to Keep You Sane and Happy

We finished school on June 1st. I’d planned to take the kids out for a celebratory lunch to inaugurate the summer, going so far as to shower, put on mascara, and wear non-yoga pants. Within minutes of picking up the last child from school, they were already fighting about where to go for lunch ....more

Weekend Links: Treat Yourself to Summer Awesomeness

Happy Summer, friends! It’s been a bit quiet on the blog this week but never fear. I’m storing up some fun summery goodies for you, rolled out at a leisurely pace in the coming weeks because that’s what summer should be ....more

What “For Better or For Worse” Really Means

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