Little Bits of Life

This fall has been beautiful. As a chronic complainer about all things less than 75 and sunny, I can't complain. Three days after Halloween the apple orchards were still open and the trees still producing apples and the weather was warm enough for short sleeves ....more

All Hallows

I think my parents only took us trick or treating twice or three times in my life. Every year this day rolls around and I feel conflicted, it can feel like a waste of time and money and effort in order to collect candy, something I hate. I missed out on this day for the most part as a child, but my kids love it ....more

A Day

Monday 7:50pm Matilda by Roald Dahl for Tsega, a few of the other children wander in and listen, it's their warm up. Hubs takes Brady to rock and do his own story8:18pm Tsega is taken away to bed by Hubs, Blue dutifully follows, staying with his boy. He just knows.8:25 I grab a 20 oz jar of ice water and settle in with the four older children for Prisoner of Azkaban ....more


I love five children who rally around their sister, the one going to public school. It can sometimes...more

And Then There Were Babies

..Not human ones.Hubs and I still haven't recovered from having two babies at once. But goatie babies are a totally different matter. They are playful, joyful and the kids are having a blast ....more


Three years ago today we were cleared by the Ethiopian government to return to Addis to go fetch Mimi and Fikir. A few days later I jumped on a flight to go get them. It was a horrible weird and intense experience ....more


I am having a hard time finding my words for this blog after so long an absence. The post that I want to write is of the "How to" kind, that when complete will explain and could very well help me expunge the reason the blog had to shut down. But I keep getting tripped up on life and the right words ....more

What if?

I am Mormon. Latter Day Saint. It's a Christian religion ....more

Fear Not

Yesterday it happened in a flash, one minute we were getting ready to leave the house, and a cursory glance at the clock telling me we were not moving fast enough did me in. I tried, I really tried to keep things together, keep perspective, but one after another little children were little children and I was me and we as a body of humans trying to leave the house got slower and slower and the seconds persisted in marching at the same rate.By the time we got in the car I was angry. I didn't lose utter control, but my face, my voice was pure anger ....more

Grey Sky

I am weary. Bone and soul weary. I have one of the most privileged lives imaginable ....more