I See Your Tru Colour

It's everywhere. The subtle tiny message that whiteness matters more. It's hard to believe it if you don't see it or notice it, but white supremacy was out on display in the Target toy section today in full force ....more

PHOTOS: Why We Walked the Walk and Marched for Justice

The way I see it, we have two options in wake of the national news: to talk to our children about police brutality or not. And if we tell them, which I hope we all do, we can go one step further and put our words into action. ...more
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I call St. Louis home, and the events ...more

Walking the Walk: Marching for Justice Part II

In my last post I was just getting to the part where my teenager, Mimi and I decided to go to the Boston protest in response to the Eric Garner decision. I texted Hubs who wanted to come, too. Which meant finding child care since Mimi is the one we normally leave with the kids when we go out, but we managed ....more

Walking the Walk: Marching for Justice Part I

Buckle your seatbelts, this is going to be a long one, friends.The way I see it, we have two options in wake of the national news: to talk to our children about police brutality, or not. I remember Rodney King and the L.A. Riots in hazy bits and pieces, but no one in my house talked about it, no teachers addressed it. I tucked it away, of course, until adulthood when it feels so very much more important than it did then.We have the choice: To tell our children that the people that are supposed to keep them safe do not keep everyone safe equally, or, not tell them ....more

The Task Force and Me

I am quite certain that God dispatched a task force of guardian angels to help watch over and keep safe Tsega within his first few hours life. There have been more than a handful of times in his life where he has been in danger so grave it makes me sick to think about it.But he lives. He thrives ....more

Showing off my (Hamburger) Buns

When your kids want hamburgers, and you don't have any buns, and you're Mormon and trying to not be a hypocrite by running to the store when you are attempting to include "not go to store" in the Keeping Sabbath Day Holy principle, you rustle up some hamburger buns.I cannot believe this made-up recipe worked so perfectly the first try, so I am sharing with you and my future self. Because they were brilliant. Brilliant.Almost Paleo/Gluten Free Hamburger Buns...more


Today was perfect. The children woke up and immediately dressed themselves in boots and coats and went to play outside. ...more

Did You Watch?

Did you watch last night? When it was declared the man who killed an unarmed black kid will not be held responsible for that death by our justice system? Even after testimony that should have made a trial a reasonable thing to do ....more

Here a sheep, there a sheep

Let me explain these muddy feet, okay?Last Saturday I undertook an adventure to bring our first ram to the farm. I drove three hours round trip and picked up a purebred Finnsheep ram, with the intent to breed him with Star, our ewe. Finnsheep are known in sheep world as being prolific, which means they usually have more than two babies at each lambing ....more

Not Celebrating

Oh "National Adoption Month"...you make you sigh.Say it with me now, every single adoption is based on a terrible tragedy. Every single adoption is based on a terrible tragedy. Every single adoption is based on a family being separated ....more