The Dance

I was recently accused of being mentally ill for taking on all we have in the last month, new goats, new dog, new horse. No doubt, it has required a lot of adjustment. A lot of chores ....more

Dear 5th Grade Me

Dear 5th Grade Me,You got in trouble for not completing math homework. Ms. Antrim, a consistently grumpy woman is going to give you your very first D and set you on a path of believing you are awful at math ....more

Sink or Swim With me Now

Every day for the last two weeks I've alternated feeling like I am drowning and feeling like I am making progress towards the distance coast line. It is a very spastic, unpredictable, tense dynamic going on. I have heard from seven little birdies with whom I live that I am not especially pleasant right now ....more

A Day

2am ...more

The Beef on Meat

Feeding a family of eight is no small task, going mostly wheat free is impressive and doing it on a budget is astounding. I am not astounding, let me just get that right out there. Four or five days a week we eat dinner that is largely vegetarian relying on lentils, beans, and vast hoards of vegetables ....more

The end of the first week

The Blue-Tsega duo is doing well. It is a lot of mental work for our three person team, and we are all kinda exhausted, but I have faith it will get easier. Their favorite two games are fetch with practicing commands, and hide-and-seek.Please note in the above picture, Tsega has already thrown the ball, but Blue waits until Tsega releases him with "okay!" and then he runs like a madman to fetch and bring the ball back ....more

Feeling (the best kind of) Blue

Questions most asked about our new dog.What kind of dog is Blue? He is clearly a lot of Austrailian Cattle dog/Blue Heeler, but maybe a little something else.How big? He is 43 pounds and incredibly athletic ....more

Four Years Ago

We traveled to Ethiopia to add a special little boy to our family,...more

We Asked for It

Two times in the last few weeks of farming it up it occurred to me,...more

Two Really Big Things (Really)

The first big thing is that we passed what felt like a farm home study -for those familiar with adoption, it was eerily similar, having the barn and pens inspected and have someone pass judgement on whether or not we were fit keepers of animals. There is one more meeting to attend but I will admit: the goats are already here. The long awaited goats!I am equal parts terrified and overjoyed ....more