Stayin Alive

The weather is now finally at the point where every day is a "haul warm water from inside to take out to the goats, sheep and chickens" kind of day. You gotta overturn their flexible rubber water pails and stomp out the left over ice from the day before, and pour the steaming water in. they are always grateful to the humans bringing hay and water It's eyes burning in the wind cold now ....more

The One on Belonging

I am not a typical Mormon. I am fiercely feminist which is a scootch chafing in a religious environment that prides itself in a structure of mortal and eternal patriarchy. I also believe in marriage equality and feel wildly supportive of my LGTBA+ brothers and sisters ....more

Shiny and New Didn't Last

2016 isn't taking long to play dirty. Sick kids and parents, poor sleep, grumps and winter slumpy feelings are at large.But I have to hand it to the kiddos and Hubs: we had the happiest night ever on NYE. Here, let us both get distracted from the raging horrible mood with the pretty pictures of family time ....more

Taking a Moment to Move

I am learning to be an vigilant observer of myself. And I have learned a few things in the last year of my life.I have learned that everything goes better if I just don't eat the pasta or the bread. It doesn't mean that I don't indulge on occasion, but I just know where it all leads and I am usually able to pass.I have learned that I can go a solid three weeks without doing laundry and the children will eventually fend for themselves when things get desperate.I have learned that my hair is just going to be this way.I have learned that I absolutely must wear shoes that are as close to barefoot as possible and have a thin, flexible sole and allow my toes to spread comfortably ....more

A.Ham Meets Harry Meets Rey: The Story of an Imperfect Christmas

This Christmas Eve was very low key. The children watched a marathon of holiday movies including Elf, The Muppet's Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Nightmare Before Christmas. They each donned comfy new jammies and we sent them off to bed with visions of sugar plums ....more

Three Smiling Things on Christmas Eve

Mariah Carey is wrong, you know. All I want for Christmas is egg nog. It's not as catchy as "yoooouuuu....Bebe!" But really, it's egg nog ....more

Children's Christmas Program: The Script I Couldn't Find

It's nearly midnight. Tomorrow is the Sunday before Christmas and my current church job is children's music ministry/choir leader. In my religion we have no paid clergy so everyone takes turns filling "callings" for free, organizing and executing the functions of all leadership in the congregation on top of their full time jobs and parenting responsibilities if they have them ....more


P.S. (Pre-script) I have discovered upon entering "preview mode" that blogger is drunk and the spacing and fonts of this post are completely off. Random hideous nonsensical spacing with ever changing font size and color. The ten minutes attempting to correct it did nothing except take away valuable ice-chewing-while-watching Outlander time ....more

Beauty Thriving

The other night Cookie said he wanted to learn to knit. So Mimi took him in arms to show him. The next morning I awoke to him sitting in the glowing morning sunshine having practiced ....more

Little Bits of Life

This fall has been beautiful. As a chronic complainer about all things less than 75 and sunny, I can't complain. Three days after Halloween the apple orchards were still open and the trees still producing apples and the weather was warm enough for short sleeves ....more