Three years ago today we were cleared by the Ethiopian government to return to Addis to go fetch Mimi and Fikir. A few days later I jumped on a flight to go get them. It was a horrible weird and intense experience ....more


I am having a hard time finding my words for this blog after so long an absence. The post that I want to write is of the "How to" kind, that when complete will explain and could very well help me expunge the reason the blog had to shut down. But I keep getting tripped up on life and the right words ....more

What if?

I am Mormon. Latter Day Saint. It's a Christian religion ....more

Fear Not

Yesterday it happened in a flash, one minute we were getting ready to leave the house, and a cursory glance at the clock telling me we were not moving fast enough did me in. I tried, I really tried to keep things together, keep perspective, but one after another little children were little children and I was me and we as a body of humans trying to leave the house got slower and slower and the seconds persisted in marching at the same rate.By the time we got in the car I was angry. I didn't lose utter control, but my face, my voice was pure anger ....more

Grey Sky

I am weary. Bone and soul weary. I have one of the most privileged lives imaginable ....more

It's That Time

End of Year RecitalsLots of soccer practiceBaseball gamesCheering from the sidelines (and plenty of goofing around)Strawberry pickingCar naps after days spent in the sunBreaks from trampoline back inside The sheep welcoming committee saying "Hi Mom, Someone forgot to put us back in the pen, so we are just gonna sit on the front porch until you -I mean- 'Someone' gets her crap together." And of course, swimming. Lots and lots of it. But I have decided to live in the moment thus far and attempt to read and do not bring the camera with me to the pool ....more

Camp Half Blood

Let's face it, kids of all sorts are obsessed with Percy Jackson books. Not just home schoolers, and not just "nerds."But home schoolers are Percy fans lucky enough to take their obsession and channel it into home made boffer weapons and gather together at an actual Camp Half Blood with other kids who really really connect with the idea that if you don't quite fit in, that school isn't a place that works for you, it's because you are actually half Olympic God in need of battle training to hone your inborn super powers. Yes, this message resonates with home schoolers just fine.And the demi-gods gathered for a day of awesome fun ....more

wild turkeys and rehab

The mark of a true friend is when she sends you a Facebook message saying My husband accidentally killed a wild turkey. Do you want it? And then after some back and forth she adds I am putting on my turkey cleaning yoga pants and coming over ....more


Shearing day was long over due. This is One year old Shaun the Sheep with a fleece so full of hay and grass it's hard to see what is happening. But it turns out just under the surface of vegetation was some amazingly gorgeous wool ....more

Over in the Clover

Brady has a lamby snuggle Tsega and Blue play...more